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adviser to business about efficient management practices

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Another former management consultant, David Craig, who wrote a memoir of his own, said his company always took the attitude that a business must be POPed -- People Off Payroll.
Turner & Townsend's management consultants have been advising the trust in order to achieve an EcoHomes "excellent" rating for the new development.
I winced when I read that Dr Paul Miller, chairman of the British Medical Association consultants committee, had recommended that 'no more external management consultants be brought in to tell NHS clinicians and managers how to run their services'.
Management consultant with 70 offices around the world.
The sort of work management consultants do leads to high incomes, pleasant accommodations, fine wines, sexual diversion, ego gratification, beautiful locales, easy-going conversation with the rich and famous -- and no nagging, actual product.
From this broad experience, the Management consultant has learned what problems to anticipate, what action to take if unexpected obstacles arise, what reactions to expect from the people involved and what ingredients are necessary for a successful project.
Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, which provides health services across North Wales, said pounds 364,341 had been spent on management consultants in the last four years.
They'll also be drawn into the area of professional services, providing assistance to architectural, law and management consultant firms.
PHOTO Management consultant S`olomon Mester of West Hills and other investors believe that the stock market could reach 10,000 by the end of the century.
The leopard cannot change its spots, but the CPA is capable of adding the right skills to become a management consultant.
The Construction Management Consultant will manage the contractors who will be constructing the Project and will manage and control the Project risk during construction including, but not limited to, the cost, schedule, quality, and safety.
Howard Weiss is a Senior Vice President and Wealth Management Consultant at Bank of America, specializing in the family office and private foundation markets.
Expression of Interest for Project Management Consultant - Bihar.
Since August 2004, Love has worked as a management consultant to several public companies, advising them on executive and financial management matters as well as disclosure and compliance issues.
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