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calling for the strength of a man

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very large

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Worse, another 40% can't be counted on to hit a man-sized target that far away
The singer, who has been having hypnotherapy sessions for relaxation following the axing from US 'X Factor', will be getting the man-sized tub so that she can de-stress herself when she visits their Surrey home.
Last week, astronomers at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center recorded a bright, man-sized meteor entering the atmosphere approximately 66 miles above the city of Macon, Ga, traveling at 24 miles per second.
More than 80 per cent of consumers confessed to regularly carrying on eating even when feeling full, and 54 per cent admitted they feed themselves and their children man-sized portions.
At 370g, it is a man-sized portion and can be microwave reheated from frozen in 6 minutes, with spices like cumin, cardamom and coriander, as well as kalonji seeds in the crust, contributing to a true Balti taste.
Summary: David Cameron refused to get in a flap today when he was confronted by an angry man-sized chicken on a campaign walkabout.
PRINCE William gets matey - and meaty - with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key at a man-sized barbecue yesterday.
Now the Archbishopric's gardens will also extend to the area where the much smaller man-sized new white marble statue of Makarios now stands, while across the courtyard, a new building is currently going up.
The new i-eX gaming chair has been designed to offer man-sized gaming comfort with mammoth proportions and edgy style.
Between the meat-free Scotch eggs and the man-sized barrels of protein powder only weightlifters could carry lurk the health chain's new promotional duo, cunningly dubbed Mr Holland and Mr Barrett, who represent opposite halves of the campaign's theme--come for the price, stay for the advice.
The crowd were especially vocal as Stipe damned the US Government before launching into their last single, a storming Man-Sized Wreath, and a passionate Ignoreland from their classic albumAutomatic For The People.
The product is designed with an extra large, rubberized grip for man-sized hands; short, slanted bristles scrub away grit under nails, and large, dense bristles clean outer nails and cuticles.
When Davie discovers Stephen's unique talent to bring clay to life, Stephen asks for his help: he wants to bring a man-sized sculpture to life rather than the little figures he's been endowing with life's spark--and when he does, Clay and trouble are born in the compelling Frankenstein-like saga by David Almond CLAY (038573171X $15.
While the British-made Enfield's flip-up blade sight was graduated (depending on the model) to 900-1100 yards, in practice a good marksman could hit a man-sized target at about half that distance.
Which one of Indianapolis' 500 Hometown Buffets did LSU's Glen ``Big Baby'' Davis and his man-sized bib do the most damage over the last couple of days?