man of deeds

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someone inclined to act first and think later

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Brough is more a man of deeds rather than one of words.
Such imprisonment in 'mere' political history is what causes Nietzsche to liberate Napoleon and elevate him to the status of an incarnation of the 'Unzeitgemasser', the unreflecting man of deeds, the ultimate genius, and the 'Ubermensch'.
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is a man of deeds rather than words so on those rare occasions when he does disclose his political goals it is important to pay close attention and carefully consider every word.
IT became clear yesterday, with the announcement from Keeneland, that Sheikh Mohammed is very much a man of deeds as well as words, when he made an enormous donation to the disaster relief fund.
He is a man of deeds, not words, ideas, or culture, and he acts out of a powerful sense of duty.