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John Maynard Keynes once famously said that "even the most practical man of affairs is usually in the thrall of the ideas of some long-dead economist.
But Pepys was an accomplished and gregarious man of affairs, and his diary is the record of an intensively active life.
I was fascinated by the man's versatility as a composer and man of affairs, wanted to explore the rest of his musical output, and was keen to write a life-and-works study.
As a guide to the world view of an educated and well-travelled man of affairs at the beginning of the thirteenth century, this is a fascinating piece.
In the Epicurean sense as it was understood at the time, contemplation had been assigned a specific ethical value entailing detachment and the mastery of perturbation, and this might well have fitted the private self-cultivation of a learned Venetian man of affairs in the troubled decade of 1500-11.
Mr Murray admits to certain limitations in presenting the full account: 'It is frustrating not to know more of the private life of the bachelor poet-politician at this time of his life' he writes, referring to the post-Restoration Marvell, the man of affairs and satirist.
Although a man of affairs on two continents, the dramatic confrontations of a Thomas More were not to be his.
Painted on the eve of World War I, it depicts a clean-shaven, conservatively dressed man of affairs clutching the blueprints for his architectural masterpiece, the magnificent Glasgow School of Art.
He had the rationalism of the West and the romanticism of the East, the radicalism of the left and the refinement of the right, the empiricism of the scientific temper and the empathy of the creative mind, the ebullience of youth and the elegance of age, the modernism of the present and the mysticism of the past, the agonies of a revolutionary and the ecstasies of a humanist, the passion of a nationalist and the poise of an internationalist, the hauteur of a blue-blooded aristocrat and the humility of a man of the masses, and, above all, the instincts of a man of affairs and the insights of a man of letters.
Colocci was an astute man of affairs and a knowledgeable collector of benefices, antiquities, and manuscripts.
Lucien Romier has attempted to do in the series of works which he has devoted to The Explanation of our Times, and he has succeeded better perhaps than any of the multitude of writers on the subject, because he combines in such a remarkable way the actuality of the journalist and the man of affairs with the sympathetic imagination of a true historian" (The Dublin Review, July 1930, 88-89).
Although Lownie's book is not the best Buchan biography (Jane Adam Smith's outshines it), this book gives a good account of Buchan the man of affairs and Buchan the versatile and gifted writer.
Macquarrie then asked, "Would you say then that it was because he is not a man of affairs that he became so involved with the Nazis in 1933?