man of action

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someone inclined to act first and think later


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The authors dispute Vittorio de Caprariis's formula "dalla politica alla storia," pointing out that although the balance between action and reflection naturally shifted with the winding down of his public career, Guicciardini was always an observer and commentator as well as a man of action.
Garth (Caine) is the storyteller, Hub the man of action as Walt is sucked into their world which seems to have involved all kinds of unbelievable romantic adventures in North Africa.
Peck's craggy good looks, grace and measured speech contributed to his screen image as the decent, courageous man of action.
This academic, in spite of his pensive gesture and the papers stacked on the table next to him, gives us the impression that he may be a man of action.
In a Daliesque theater of foreshortened anatomy and fantastic perspective, the guru of American ballet is projected as a Freudian juggling of three charismatic personalities - businessman in immaculate Wall Street attire; nude athlete fig-leafed by a boxing glove; man of action confronting the spectator in a baseball jacket.
Drummond, a two-fisted man of action, made his first appearance in a short story published in Strand Magazine.
The CEO is pleased as punch because he has shown himself to be a man of action and there is a created illusion of hustle and bustle around.
Marlon Brando puts his own stamp on the role of first officer Fletcher Christian, the tormented first mate transformed into a man of action.
First Godolphin assault Despite it being Dubai World Cup day Godolphin have their first runners in the race and will be looking for Man Of Action or Start Right to inject some immediate momentum into their European campaign.
Godolphin are 'in it' for the first time today, and I expect them to win the Lincoln Handicap with MAN OF ACTION (3.
Just thrice-raced and still upwardly mobile, MAN OF ACTION is the one to be on in the opening totescoop6 Handicap (1.
Mr Johnson needs to show he is a man of action, not a powerless puppet.
Freud was such a determinist, so pessimistic and fatalistic, and Jung by contrast was a man of action insofar as you can be when you're an intellectual.
Destined by birth to a life of power and influence, through his prominent family connections both in Castile and in Aragon, Albornoz became an early exponent of the kind of international life we identify with Renaissance intellectuals--not that he was known for his erudition, but rather for his administrative qualities and as a man of action.
Peck's good looks, grace and measured speech contributed to his screen image as the decent, courageous man of action.