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Synonyms for mammilla

the small projection of a mammary gland

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it arrested Palestinians who were planning to bomb Mammilla Mall in Jaffa Gate.
Coitus a mammilla: friccion del pene entre los pechos--lo que algunos llaman <<a la rusa>>.
Coitus a mammilla - bringing a man to climax with your breasts - is particularly pleasurable for men with a breast fixation (which includes all of them in my experience).
Also included under PA rule is the Jerusalem neighborhood of Mammilla. A national border divides Jerusalem.
Other headlines in al-Quds: "Protest against violation of Mammilla cemetery (in West Jerusalem);" "Abu Marzouq: Meshl's visit to Egypt is not related to the media campaign against three Qassam leaders wanted by Israel;" "Abu Zuhri: A scheme to create trouble between the Egyptian and Palestinian people."