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Synonyms for mammilla

the small projection of a mammary gland

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Also included under PA rule is the Jerusalem neighborhood of Mammilla.
Nipple trauma was defined as macroscopically visible changes of the mammilla and areola of at least one breast.
Other headlines in al-Quds: "Protest against violation of Mammilla cemetery (in West Jerusalem);" "Abu Marzouq: Meshl's visit to Egypt is not related to the media campaign against three Qassam leaders wanted by Israel;" "Abu Zuhri: A scheme to create trouble between the Egyptian and Palestinian people.
It said slogans such as death to Arabs, Muhammad is dead, Kahana lives, and price tag as well as the Star of David were sprayed on the graves in the Mammilla cemetery, where Israel is building a museum on the premises of the graveyard.
JERUSALEM, February 16, 2011 (WAFA) -- Descendants ofthe dead buried in Mammilla cemetery Wednesday called in a petition to UNESCO for immediate action to protect the ancient Islamic cemetery located in West Jerusalem.