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The mammary gland in domestic ruminants: a systems biology perspective.
The mammary gland comprises two main cellular subtypes: the basal cells and luminal cells.
Mammary gland tissues were then mounted on aluminum base and metalized with Gold + Paladium (QUORUM/SC7620) for analysis (SEM model VEGA 3 LMU/TESCAN).
1989) described only 41 cases of mammary gland tumors in cattle since 1902.
MAC-T cell is also assumed to be a typical in vitro model of the mammary gland because these cells have similar biochemical and morphological characteristics to mammary epithelial cells in vivo [14].
Known as an 'organoid',' the model mimics the structure and function of a real mammary gland.
These AHR-mediated responses in the mammary gland are most likely due to cross-talk between AHR and steroid receptors, including ER[alpha], ER[beta], and androgen receptor (AR), as has been reported for cell lines and mouse uterus (Beischlag and Perdew 2005; Matthews et al.
The risk of developing mammary gland tumors significantly decreased by ovariohysterectomy at an early age (Sorenmo et al.
Paris, a ten-year-old Chihuahua too came in to the hospital for a booster vaccination when doctors found a mass in her mammary gland.
When ZnT2 is lacking, there is reduced mammary gland development and severe defects in function during lactation.
Mammary gland tumours in rodent models are extensively used for the study of mammary cancer of women because of their similarity in terms of tumour histology and hormone dependence (2,15).
One potential application," Gartner said, "would be that within the next couple of years, we could be taking samples of different components of a cancer patient's mammary gland and building a model of their tissue to use as a personalized drug screening platform.
Furthermore, the DNA MP in whole blood samples was significantly higher than that in mammary gland (Pless than 0.