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the branch of zoology that studies mammals

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Because biological diversity is geographically structured, Neotropical mammalogy has a geographical anchor in Latin America.
During this time, the cardiologist for President Eisenhower wanted to measure the electrocardiogram reading (EKG) on whales to compare their EKGs with the human EKGs of divers and swimmers; and because Bill Evans' background was as close to biology as anyone in the research group, he was selected to learn everything he could about gray whales in the lagoons of Baja California, Mexico, an assignment that allowed him to network with leaders in the field of marine mammalogy such as Ken Norris, Ray Gilmore, and Carl Hubbs.
Miguel Pinto, Department of Mammalogy and Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY 10024, USA; email: mpinto@amnh.
Ken has published numerous peer-reviewed and popular articles and technical reports on a number of big game species in the Canadian Journal of Zoology, Journal of Mammalogy, Canadian Veterinary Journal, Wildlife Review, Canadian Field Naturalist, and 12 papers in Alces.
Three new chipmunks of the genus Eutamias from Nevada: Journal of Mammalogy, 12:298-301.
It advises farmers and landowners on improving wildlife habitats and lobbies for agricultural and conservation policies based on science and employs 14 post-doctoral scientists and 50 other research staff with expertise in areas such as ornithology, entomology, biometrics, mammalogy and agronomics.
Housed in the Chicago Field Museum's prized Audubon collection, the prints are acclaimed as the definitive 19th-century work in the field of American mammalogy.
All aspects of the study received full Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee approval, and were conducted in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act, the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (National Research Council, 1996) and Acceptable Field Methods in Mammalogy (ad hoc Committee, American Society of Mammalogists, 1987).
What we figure is that this thing was already reduced to a skeleton, or close to it, when the tree resin dropped on it,'' said MacPhee, curator of mammalogy at the New York City museum.
WASHINGTON -- Less than twenty-one percent of the earth's terrestrial surface still contains all of the large mammals that used to occur there 500 years ago, according to a new study just released in this month's Journal of Mammalogy.
Whales are full of oil, and it's kind of orangey," Moe Flannery, the collections manager in ornithology and mammalogy at the California Academy of Sciences, told (http://www.
In 1946 he joined the ROM and upon completion of his PhD was appointed curator, Department of Mammalogy, a position he held until his retirement in 1985.
Snake venom toxins evolve incredibly rapidly," says Robert Voss, curator in the Department of Mammalogy at the American Museum of Natural History.