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a family of mammals

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Pygmy tarsiers are primates--members of the same mammal family as monkeys, apes, and humans.
They observed that the rock rat bore a striking resemblance to fossils of a mammal family group known as the Diatomyidae.
That's about normal in a mammal family, Fanlkes says.
It must have taken an extraordinary event to force beaked whales, a marine mammal family of at least 21 species, away from their natural habitat off the continental shelf.
But according to that study, guinea pigs don't belong on the same branch of the mammal family tree, and shouldn't called rodents anymore.
Equine species are from the mammal family equidae, which includes the modern horse, zebras and donkeys.
By mapping that data onto the mammal family tree, the researchers were able to trace backwards in time and infer what the ancestors of each species most likely ate.
The announcement was made yesterday after scientists trawling the river failed to find a single specimen of the breed, becoming only the fourth mammal family to disappear in 500 years.