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Mammae has been a 'best-kept secret', with only UK celebrities like Michelle Heaton, Angellica Bell and Una Healy managing to get their hands on them
Pathologico-anatomical and clinical investigations of fibroadenomatosis cystica mammae and its relations to other pathological conditions in mammae especially cancer.
The female had enlarged, highly visible mammae, which suggested that she was lactating and had recently nursed.
In Chapter 4, "Tatae and Mammae in the Roman Family", Bradley explains these affectionate nicknames, which were used of biological parents, nurses, and other care providers.
The essays focus on the nurse in Italy and the provinces, male childminders, tatae and mammae (terms of affection), apprentices and child workers, dislocation and remarriage (documented by a review of the families of the consuls of 80-50 B.
males with scrotal testes; pregnancy or size of mammae in females), and weight to the nearest 0.
THE Baby Show is back at the NEC from Friday to Sunday, May 18-20, with more than 250 leading brands such as Fisher-Price, Mamas & Papas, Mothercare, Marks & Spencer, Britax, tommee tippee and new companies Mammae, Poco Nido, Kinderroom and Curapro.
Three pairs of mammae can be found in females (Houghton, 1987; Roberts, 1997).
Six mammae in inguinal, abdominal, and Scolomys postaxial pairs (Fig.
For all captured bats, we determined sex and female reproductive condition by abdominal palpation and mammae inspection.