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My darling mamma," answered Violet, looking seriously into her mother's face, and apparently surprised that she should need any further explanation, "I have told you truly who she is.
Yes, mamma," asseverated Peony, with much gravity in his crimson little phiz; "this is 'ittle snow-child.
While mamma still hesitated what to think and what to do, the street-gate was thrown open, and the father of Violet and Peony appeared, wrapped in a pilot-cloth sack, with a fur cap drawn down over his ears, and the thickest of gloves upon his hands.
Demi, go upstairs, and get into your bed, as Mamma bids you.
But even that refuge proved unavailing, for he was delivered over to the enemy, with a "Be gentle with him, John," which struck the culprit with dismay, for when Mamma deserted him, then the judgment day was at hand.
Demi, say good night to Mamma, and let her go and rest, for she is very tired with taking care of you all day.
In Italy it is a common practice for diners to spend an extended amount of time in a restaurant from morning till night, and it is Mamma Mia's mission to introduce that kind of dining culture to Filipinos by serving authentic Italian dishes and drinks all day and night delivered with motherly warmth and hospitality.
With our original Mamma Chia vitality beverages, we created an entirely new drinking and nutritional experience in a bottle," said company founder and CEO Janie Hoffman.
The Mamma Desktop Search application enables users to search their computers for the majority of popular file types.
The GVA Williams investment sales team of president and CEO Cory Gubner and vice president Jon Sabrowski completed the transaction on behalf of Mamma Sez, Inc.
Mamma Roma expects the hot product to drive sales in restaurants and hotels, and to become a year-round favorite in modern sandwich bars, which have seen sates soar in the last two summers.
Mamma Chia, the organic food and beverage company that originated the chia beverage category, announces the addition of Matthew Buckley as its new executive vice president of sales and marketing.
Mamma Says, 49 Lincoln Road, Butler, New Jersey 07405, Tel: (973) 283-4463, Fax: (973) 283-2799, Web site: www.
Janie Hoffman, CEO and Founder of Mamma Chia, named BevNET's 2012 "Person of the Year.
Mamma Chia, maker of the first organic chia-based beverage, has unveiled three new, delicious vitality beverages boasting a powerful combination of nutrients in every bottle.