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My darling mamma," answered Violet, looking seriously into her mother's face, and apparently surprised that she should need any further explanation, "I have told you truly who she is.
Yes, mamma," asseverated Peony, with much gravity in his crimson little phiz; "this is 'ittle snow-child.
While mamma still hesitated what to think and what to do, the street-gate was thrown open, and the father of Violet and Peony appeared, wrapped in a pilot-cloth sack, with a fur cap drawn down over his ears, and the thickest of gloves upon his hands.
Mamma had heard it was very nice; so she wrote to me that I was to come and stop here with Harold.
This is not such a nice place for a girl as for a young man, and the Desmonds thought it EXCEEDINGLY ODD that mamma should wish me to come here.
I should like mamma to ask them to Kingscote, but I am afraid mamma wouldn't like the mother, who is rather vulgar.
said Rosamond, lingering a little after her mamma was gone.
But I have another scheme in my head, mamma, and have had long, only I did not like to mention it.
But, mamma, I am above eighteen, and quite able to take care of myself, and others too.
Only think,' said Mary, 'what would you do in a house full of strangers, without me or mamma to speak and act for you--with a parcel of children, besides yourself, to attend to; and no one to look to for advice?
To go out into the world; to enter upon a new life; to act for myself; to exercise my unused faculties; to try my unknown powers; to earn my own maintenance, and something to comfort and help my father, mother, and sister, besides exonerating them from the provision of my food and clothing; to show papa what his little Agnes could do; to convince mamma and Mary that I was not quite the helpless, thoughtless being they supposed.
With our original Mamma Chia vitality beverages, we created an entirely new drinking and nutritional experience in a bottle," said company founder and CEO Janie Hoffman.
The Mamma Desktop Search application enables users to search their computers for the majority of popular file types.
The GVA Williams investment sales team of president and CEO Cory Gubner and vice president Jon Sabrowski completed the transaction on behalf of Mamma Sez, Inc.
And you will be able to indulge in 70s nostalgia tomorrow night when Mamma Mia bring their latest Thank You For The Music Show here.