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the small projection of a mammary gland

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Los de Mamilla y Bet Shearin representan, en cambio, la instrumentalizacion a la que pueden someterse los restos humanos.
Mamilla mall proves incredibly popular with Israelis, Palestinians and tourists and includes a five star hotel and luxury apartments in the development.
Mamilla Cemetery is located in the western part of Jerusalem, which together with East Jerusalem and its environs, was declared to be an international corpus separatum under U.N.
(6.) Rajasekhar Mamilla, Muninarayanappa M., Subba Reddy S.V.
The project has sparked controversy because it is being built on land belonging to the Ma'man Allah cemetery, also known as Mamilla, which dates from the 12th century and is the resting place of several Sufi saints.
When you walk through Jerusalem on a Shabbat afternoon, Liberty Bell Park teems with Arab and Jewish children playing on the slides and swings, and the Mamilla arcade hosts Arab and Jewish families strolling elbow to elbow through the painting and sculpture exhibits.
A section of the Mamilla century, where the remains include the bones of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, was bulldozed to make way for a garden, a car park and lavatories.
These include private islands such as Song Saa in Cambodia, secluded properties such as Saffire Freycinet in Tasmania, Gordon Campbell GrayOs Le Gray in Lebanon, the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem, stunning spas and well-being experiences, including EuropeOs first Chuan Spa, private jets, top destinations, unique attractions such as Condor Travel in Peru and adventure experiences such as Wilderness Safaris in Australia.
From the grand sloping entrance hall at Ben Gurion airportlined in golden limestoneto the sweeping vistas at Yad Vashem or the tony shops and cafes in the new Mamilla mall just outside the Old City of Jerusalem, Safdie has been singularly responsible for shaping his native country's modern landmarks.
NEW YORKThe president of the UN General Assembly expressed profound concern Monday at what he described as desecration of the ancient Muslim Mamilla cemetery in West Jerusalem, the UN news agency reported.
The Mamilla cemetery had its peace disturbed this month by Israeli bulldozers demolishing gravestones in the middle of the night and by Muslim protests.
Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, vehemently fought against the project saying it would desecrate the Mamilla Cemetery where ancestors of Jerusalem Arab families were buried.