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arboreal snake of central and southern Africa whose bite is often fatal

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Black Mamba stretched a 79-76 lead to 91-81 behind a 12-5 run to seal the win.
The trade fair which will last up until June 30, is located inside the Mamba gymnasium at the Cagayan Sports Complex.
Forensic toxicologist Christopher Mallen, who was involved in analysing Carr's blood, said substances such as Black Mamba and Spice first appeared around 10 years ago but have been used more predominantly in the last five years.
She revealed that consumers' patronage had been on the increase since the official launch of MAMBA Energy Drink, while expressing the commitment of company's management to make the brand the number one energy drink in Nigeria in the nearest future.
On a bright warm morning, the resident black mamba sniffed the air to find out if there were any intruders in his bush.
It was confirmed one person died as a result of using a potent batch of synthetic cannabinoids - also known as the former legal high black mamba - at a Birmingham city centre hostel.
Earlier this week, ( Razer announced at CES 2018 its new peripherals, the Razer Mamba HyperLux and the Razer Firefly HyperFlux.
West Midlands Police, who released details of the incident to publicise the dangers of drugs, said he had taken Black Mamba.
Khosa, a member of the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit, steps forward in her army fatigue uniform and combat boots.
Dendroaspis polylepis (black mamba) is one of the most dangerous snakes worldwide.
The green mamba was found on the west African vessel that had docked in the city on Wednesday, and a police escort was needed when animal officers were called to remove it.
The Mamba AIR-TF is the lightest, most compact dual-cam bow APA Innovations has ever produced, weighing just 3.4 pounds, measuring just 28 1/2 inches between the axles and producing a very respectable IBO speed rating of 348 fps along with a generous 7-inch brace height APA says the Mamba AIR-TF is so lethal thanks to a combination of the company's Twin Flex Limb Technology and MX Cam with easy-tune modules that offer a full seven Inches of draw-length adjustment along with a solid back wall at full draw.
They said common ones patients had taken this summer included Black Mamba, Pandora's Box, Ivory Wave and Annihilation.