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arboreal snake of central and southern Africa whose bite is often fatal

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Making up for the absence of battery in the Mamba HyperFlux is the Firefly HyperFlux mousepad that also serves as a power mat.
Gladys said there are only three women who drive the mambas in Somalia: two in Mogadishu and one in Kismayo.
The ambulance team called out to take the patient to hospital had arrived down the road - but didn't reach them because the crew came across yet another Black Mamba case, so another ambulance has to be despatched to take the original patient to A&E.
Given these numbers, it's remarkable that very few rhinos have been killed in Balule since the majority-women Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit began patrolling in 2013.
One report even stated "inmates at a Liverpool prison had become so used to emergency services being called out when people collapsed after taking Black Mamba that ambulances are now known as 'the Mambalance'".
Because of this underground culture, they did not have accurate figures of how many legal high cases they were responding to, but did have statistics relating to 999 calls where Black Mamba was mentioned.
The Mamba ball, made by Antrim outfit LMINNOV8s, boasts "expertlycreated grip zones on its surface" making it easier for freestylers to use.
Su caracter neurotico es verosimil en el contexto, pero quizas el personaje mas entranable sea la Mamba, joven que desde el inicio tendra que enfrentarse a las adversidades y aprender de ellas.
8220;We were very pleased to be able to charter Mamba from Ian Coulson at a very reasonable rate, thanks to the help of Chris Jongerius of Andaman Sea Club, Bob Mott, Voodoo owner Hans Rachman and of course our sponsors.
He said Mamba was in the area to support a brother who was a candidate for provincial governor under Aquino's Liberal Party.
London, October 4 ( ANI ): Venom from the world's deadliest snake - the black mamba, which can kill a person within half an hour, could actually be a painkiller at par with morphine, researchers say.
Mamba venom acts both pre- and post-synaptically at the neuroskeletal muscle junction.
Typical of Raffoul's adaptable jewelry style, the Mamba bracelet allows the wearer to change the piece from a bracelet to a short or long necklace.