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Synonyms for mama

informal terms for a mother

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It seems designed to attract our attention, mama,' said Kate.
Dear mama,' rejoined Kate, 'don't say a word to him, but let us run away as fast as we can, and shut ourselves up till Nicholas comes home.
Very much relieved by his disappearance, Kate was turning to speak to her mama, when the dirty hands again became visible, and were immediately followed by the figure of a coarse squat man, who ascended by the steps which had been recently occupied by their singular neighbour.
com/tvshows/mama-june-from-not-to-hot/episode-8-season-2/make-womb-for-baby/1032653/) synopsis for "Mama June: From Not To Hot" Sheason 2, episode 8, titled "Make Womb for Baby," Mama June is ordered by her doctor to undergo another surgery for her eyes to prevent her from going blind.
As often told, Mama Sita's life has always been an inspiration to ordinary Filipinos: a normal young woman who was drawn to cooking like her mother, Engracia 'Asiang' Reyes, and later on learned how to combine ingredients, making her own spice mixes and flavors not only for her family but also for her fellowmen abroad longing for native delicacies.
We knew Dubai was the perfect destination for our eighth Mama Shelter property because the city embodies the Mama spirit with its bustling excitement and international appeal," said Mama Shelter founder, Serge Trigano.
El video afirma, de una manera ideal, que una mama "Nunca se rinde, siempre esta de pie, siempre luchando".
Oh Mama, will there be water, just like in your eyes?
They came along just as Mama had her third baby girl, Prevail.
O cancer de mama e um dos maiores problemas de saude publica, com o aumento gradativo da inci dencia e mortalidade em varias regioes do mundo.
Many customers have requested men's items to be made by Mama Bracelets, and they responded with an artisan, modern look for the men.
The move comes less than a year after HMV and MAMA formed a joint venture which owns 11 music venues and an interest in events such as London's Lovebox festival.
ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] think a juicy snack is just the thing 4 U," Mama Bear said as she walked n + 2 the kitchen.
En Estados Unidos, el cancer de mama es muy comun en la mujer, el segundo en importancia despues del cancer de piel.
Gustavo) Alatriste no nos pagaba ni a mi mama ni a mi.