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faulty position

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Keywords: Malposition, Corrected malposition of great arteries, Conotruncal rotation, Anatomically corrected malpositions, Cardiogenesis of malpositions.
Following traumatic avulsion or malposition, there is a period of time during which a tooth can be successfully replaced in its socket.
Comparison was done for both the groups for access time (Skin-to-vein) and its complication like pneumothorax, haemothorax, arterial bleeding, haematoma, number of attempts, thrombosis and malposition.
The most common indication for cesarean delivery during the second stage of labor is arrest of descent due to malposition of the fetal head, typically a transverse arrest.
It is often due to nonuniform contact between the cuff and the tracheal wall caused by insufficient cuff pressure or malposition of the tube.
The three-dimensional model was confirmed and the plan then could be adjusted to guarantee optimal fit and avoid notching and malposition of the implant.
No case of malposition was associated with vascular perforation, local venous thrombosis or cerebral symptoms.
The potential complications of percutaneous venous catheterizations are various and include pneumothorax, subclavian and carotid artery puncture, hematoma, air embolism, catheter malposition, catheter fragment embolization, venous thrombosis, infection and problems of guidewires (1).
Malpresentation, Malposition, Cephalopelvic Disproportion and Obstetric Procedures,
Patients with obesity, malposition of teeth, microstomia, macroglossia, edentulous or with artificial dentures, cervical spondylosis, short neck, contractures of neck, neck swellings, post radiation fibrosis, developmental anomalies which may affect airway assessment and in whom difficult intubation was expected were excluded from the study.
This lead malposition was initially detected four years after the implantation in 1999 by a routine chest X-ray for tuberculosis screening.
For example, if she has a history of persistent occiput posterior position, as in the case described on page 56, she may have an anthropoid pelvis, placing her at increased risk for another malposition.
Main complications observed in clinical practice of TMVR are left ventricle outflow tract obstruction, thrombus, paravalvular leak and hemolysis, anatomic structure injury, migration and malposition.
Adnexal trauma needs most meticulous eyelid approximation to avoid eyelid notching and margin malposition.
2 Foetal indication commonly encountered is malposition of the foetal head with relative dystocia3 and foetal distress.