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Synonyms for malnourishment

not having enough food to develop or function normally

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"As a matter of fact, we are at a tipping point, we are at the point where we try to prevent the loss of life, we are also at the point where the investment in preventing the situation to deteriorate actually will be another kind of good calculation, because what is happening now, the malnutrition, the malnourishment of children and vulnerable people, if we deal with it now, it will cost much less than if we deal with it on the long run.
Music for Food, coming to Worcester for the first time, is a collective of professional musicians promoting a program of awareness of hunger and malnourishment in our society.
The Prime Minister also categoricaly made it clear that there is a difference between malnourishment and hunger caused by poverty, and hunger that is caused as a result of a lack of rain and subsequently, staple.
Harpe traces how all these factors contribute to obesity, malnourishment, and sickness, offering recommendations for making substantial improvements in one's diet and daily habits.
Health Minister Pechuho says malnourishment couldn't necessarily be attributed to poverty
Addressing a session organized to launch the National Nutrition Survey Report for Sindh (2018) undertaken by the experts belonging to Agha Khan University and jointly sponsored by Unicef, Federal Ministry of Health and British High Commission, she said malnourishment can not necessarily be attributed to poverty.
Summary: Raipur (Chhattisgarh) [India], July 15 (ANI): The Chhattisgarh government's proposal of including egg in the Midday Meal Scheme to fight malnourishment among children is facing a backlash from several social organisations and the opposition BJP.
Most children belonging to underprivileged or rural backgrounds are suffering from malnourishment and inadequate provision of education and healthcare.
THARPARKAR -- Bringing a unique idea to combat the menace of malnourishment in drought-hit region of Thar, the Government of Sindh on Friday launched 'Desert Fisheries Initiative' in collaboration with Thar Foundation.
Addressing on the occasion, the minister livestock said that the initiative being launched in partnership with Thar Foundation to overcome the malnourishment problem among thousands of women and children of Thar region.
Another big problem to tackle is malnourishment, which prevents the body from effectively fighting off a lot of diseases.
The Syrian regime imposed sieges on several key urban areas at different points in the war -- including Aleppo, Eastern Ghouta and Daraya -- causing starvation and widespread malnourishment.
East Timor, one of the world's youngest nations, is still suffering the effects of a violent, decades-long independence struggle which destroyed infrastructure.With high levels of poverty, one of the world's worst rates of malnourishment and 60 per cent of its 1.
Pakistan is perhaps amongst a few countries in the world where children die not only because of malnourishment but also due to toxic food provided to them from restaurants that are foul, dirty as the provisional authorities are inept.