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a denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury

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Consequently, they are very conscious of brands and what they say about one's identity, Malison says.
Gen Z is a generation that places great emphasis on word of mouth and online reviews, so retailers are better off encouraging active discussions regarding their brands rather than sporadically sending out carefully constructed marketing messages, Malison says.
The BIR said its investigation found that Malison had valueadded tax and income tax liabilities amounting to P2.
With only a convenience store operating in the Kimston Building, Cups & Mugs and Malison Inc.
The attendance in all the elite missionary schools of Srinagar, including Burn Hall School, Biscoe School and Malison School, was above 90 per cent.
Malison said, "This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen.
Prince L, Malison R, Mc Douglec, Petton G, Heninge G.
Pappaioanou M, Malison M, Wilkins K, Otto B, Goodman RA, Churchill RE, White M, Thacker SB: Strengthening capacity in developing countries for evidence-based public health: the data for decision-making project.
For more information on the event, contact Leann Malison, program manager for outreach activities, at Imalison@agronomy.
In the missionary Biscoe and Malison School, 150 out of 6,000 students turned up.
Leann Malison, Program Manager for Outreach Activities, presented a sample crop science brochure.
As a matter of record, Leann Malison, Headquarters Office staff, reported that she is looking into the possibility of having an on-line placement service that will dramatically increase efficiency in connecting job seekers with employers and vice versa.
Malison, (9999) Member, Ex Officio; WI ACS528 Minorities in Agronomy Committee Vernon L.