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fawn-colored short-haired sheepdog

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Although small dogs are much easier to steal, Huskies, Malamutes, and German Shepherds earn a higher profit given their unofficial status as Morocco's most popular breeds.Rottweilers and Malinois are also targets, despite their reputation as aggressive guard dogs.
The Deputy Commandant further said that dogs of Malinois breed can run up to 25-30 kms non-stop.
'Only 13 K9s were adopted, as the two Belgian Malinois are not fit for adoption for their aggressive behavior,' it also said.
Of the 103 samples, 3 (2.9%), obtained from dog 16, a German shepherd; dog 22, a Belgian Malinois; and dog 56, a German shepherd were positive for the small (S [346 bp]), medium (M [859 bp]), and L (large [1,165 bp]) segments of SFTSV by reverse transcription PCR (the L segment of dog 16 was not amplified).
PC Magnus McGarry and his four-year-old dog Gray, a Dutch herder/ Malinois cross, won the trophy for best obedience.
A German Shepherd / Belgian Malinois that has suffered at the hands of humans.
According to the department, Buddy, a Belgian Malinois, showed interest in a package from the UK which was later found to contain cannabidiol with turmeric.
"It's such a cruel way to treat animals that have given so much." The row comes after another hero dog, a Belgian malinois named Mali, was awarded the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross last month for identifying Taliban bombs in Afghanistan.
What name is given to the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross awarded to Mali the Belgian Malinois for sniffing out explosives and insurgent fighters in Afghanistan?
Edward Casas was boating on the lake Sunday with his wife, Kristin, and the family dog, a 10-month old Belgian Malinois (MAL'-ehn-wah) named Rylee.
Eight-week-old Labrador Luna and 10-week-old Malinois Diesel are now settling in with their new handlers, PC Gareth Wedley and PC Sonia Stobbart.
Northumbria Police's dog section held the event at Monument in Newcastle, giving the public chance to meet the three German shepherds and three Belgian Malinois puppies.