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fawn-colored short-haired sheepdog

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PRIZED PETS: Malinois puppy, left, and a German Shepherd SAFE: Sheba with owner Margaret Gallivan and her grandson Ben and, left, when she got stranded on the rocks in Crail, Fife
So a second-place finish among 12 other younger German shepherds and one Belgian Malinois is pretty heady stuff.
During birth anniversaries and the holiday season, my staff and I usually cook special food for my pets: nine Toy Poodles, one Siberian Husky and a halfbreed Belgian Malinois.
The eight-and-ahalf-year-old Belgian Malinois showed he has no plans to put his paws up yet after scaling a 6ft fence to collar a suspect car thief.
GRAFTON - For 25 middle and high school students attending the Grafton Junior Police Academy in July, the demonstration was better than television: Titan, an 8-year-old Belgian Malinois member of the K-9 unit, worked feverishly with his human partner, Sutton Police Officer Christopher Cowan, to sniff out a stash of cocaine hidden in a police training room.
The force now uses Belgian shepherd dogs, or malinois.
In a police impound lot earlier this week, Kyra, a dope-sniffing Belgian Malinois, started barking like mad, pawing and pressing her snout against one of the cars.
And they are now looking to fiercer breeds like the Belgian Malinois to strike fear into crooks.
A 3yearold Belgian Malinois dog, Diego quickly detected the presence of the explosive at the massage clinic in Zamboanga City on Sunday night, alerting its handler.
Cowan shouted out commands to his partner, Titan, a Belgian Malinois, and quickly the dog took off.
The three dog handlers from Avon and Somerset police were sent across the North Sea because their two new German Shepherds, and a Malinois (which I'd never heard of before, but is apparently a Belgian Shepherd dog), could make neither head nor, er, tail of what they were saying.
Lane County sheriff's Deputy Kris Jacobson and her 4-year-old malinois, Fryda, take down Sgt.