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avoid responsibilities and duties, e

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Definite malingered neurocognitive dysfunction in moderate/severe
Inventory of Malingered Symptomatology: Professional Manual.
To detect malingered psychosis, one must first understand how true psychotic symptoms manifest.
Patients who malinger psychosis are often unaware of the nuances of hallucinations.
Patients who malinger psychotic symptoms often are open to suggestion, and are quick to endorse visual hallucinations.
Despite the high prevalence of malingered behaviors in the ER, no single test has been validated in such a setting.
Many criminal defendants likely malinger (or feign) amnesia for a variety of reasons, including attempts to avoid criminal responsibility or to obstruct police investigations.
Indeed, many courts seem preoccupied with practical fears, such as the consequences of finding amnesic defendants incompetent and the difficulty of detecting malingered amnesia.
Granted, amnesia claims may be more prevalent and less treatable than other mental disorders; but, as will be discussed, improved techniques to detect malingered amnesia are available, and the treatment of genuine amnesia has improved.