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evading duty or work by pretending to be incapacitated


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Malingering is defined as the falsification or profound exaggeration of physical or mental illness to gain external benefits such as avoiding work or responsibility, seeking drugs, avoiding prosecutions and/or trials, seeking attention, avoiding military service, obtaining school leaves, or a paid leave from a job.[1],[2] Feigning illness to receive disability compensation is common in the United States Social Security Disability Benefits, occurring in 45.8%-59.7% of adult cases.[3],[4] A study in Taiwan also estimated that 20.77%-50.85% of applicants for labor insurance disability payment faked their memory deficits.[5] Mittenberg et al .
Psychologists, psychiatrists, and others from the UK and North America offer 30 chapters on the clinical assessment of malingering and deception.
To combat malingering, some of the standardized tests frequently given include validity scales embedded within them--metrics that measure the examinee's responses to determine "whether the individual taking the test is exaggerating their problems, minimizing them, is responding inconsistently, doesn't understand the test questions or procedure, or is answering at random." (42) Likewise, a validity measure can be used later on to assess the pattern of responding of an individual on a measure like the WAIS test.
Malingering is the intentional production or gross exaggeration
Malingering detection: the use of forced-choice method in identifying organic versus simulated memory impairment.
Number two is fictitious traumatic memory or malingering. By definition, a malingerer is aware of dissimulating and there is no self-deception.
Barbara was a hard-working council employee who was accused of malingering because she had the temerity to have a break from her caring responsibilities by having a quiet walk while on sick leave.
Malingering (simulation or the behavior of feint the physician) means; showing himself or herself as a patient, behaving as a sick person although not really being ill, simulating or imitating diseases (1).
As can be seen in Table 2, clinical judgement was the most frequently reported method for assessing performance and symptom validity, followed by reliance on subscales embedded in personality tests, the Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM), embedded measures within neuropsychological tests, the Rey-15 item memory test and the Word Memory Test.
This study also assess the alertness of candidate such as blinking of eyes on sudden clapping behind the candidate and also look for swallowing movements in the neck due to anxiety along with tests for malingering), (1,2) to rule out malingering.
Instead, Deyan Deyanov, 30, was "inappropriately" diagnosed with "malingering" or feigning mental illness and was released from a psychiatric unit seven months before the brutal random assault.
After all her years of malingering, this time it's for real, but Chesney isn't having it.
It was reported Prince Charles' wife believes Kate Middleton should be "fighting through" her sickness instead of "malingering."
I expect my GP will be thrilled to hear I'm not just malingering and I've actually got Giant Cell Arteritis or Sarcoidosis.