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Sometimes malingerers use a double bluff, relying on the fact that doctors know people suffering from stress often refuse to admit it.
The Birmingham figure has crept up steadily over the past three years despite a raft of new rules to deter malingerers.
One said that medical assistants dismissed them as malingerers - or "sick bay rangers".
Byas also attacked "prima-donnas and malingerers" and said that some cricketers "think they can swan about and have everything handed to them on a plate".
The malingerers are out, and the work ethic applies even if your name is David Ginola.
It's all pat and shallow melodrama stuf not much helped by Mavers' limited range of expressiveness, the cliched flashbacks or the caricature arrogant ninny officer looking to weed out malingerers.
The Police Federation chairman claims that Home Office officials have sought in media briefings to portray his members as "an inefficient band of malingerers".
Any sergeant major worth his salt has a cure for malingerers, and they know how to keep sick parades down to a trickle.
Sandwell Council, whose primary schools were at the bottom of recent Government league tables, said the sick leave procedures were simply designed to target malingerers.
If they are now being terrorised in their surgeries by malingerers, litigants and bullies, then the profession as a whole shares much to blame.
Nograles, who chairs the House committee on appropriations, said Congress will exercise its oversight powers to ensure that the funds allocated for the free college tuition program "will not be wasted on malingerers and recidivist absentees.
TO ensure that funds allocated for the government's free college tuition program won't be wasted on malingerers and recidivist absentees or bulakbol students, a lawmaker on Tuesday said Congress will activate its congressional oversight powers to monitor the implementation of free college education law.
The expert malingerers are well-respected because they work the system - excuses at the ready: bad back, stress, family bereavements etc.
(29) Once identified, personnel who falsely claim PTSD are known as malingerers. (27,28) In the past 13 years, financial supports for PTSD patients have grown by about 400%.
All that information is essential for the doctors and medical staff when the patient finally arrives in the accident and emergency department and to weed out the malingerers.