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avoid responsibilities and duties, e

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Inventory of Malingered Symptomatology: Professional Manual.
(29.) Edens JF Otto RK, Dwyer T Utility of the Structured inventory of Malingered Symptomatology in identifying persons motivated to malinger psychopathology.
Impact of coaching on malingered posttraumatic stress symptoms on the M-FAST and the TSI.
Malingered psychosis, one of the more difficult malingered psychopathologies to detect (Rosenhan, 1973), appears to be more prevalent in forensic and mental health treatment settings (Resnick, 1984).
Only 25 cases of malingered psychosis, approximately 8%, were diagnosed.
(24) One scholar cited various studies of base rates of malingered amnesia, and found that between 30 and 40% of amnesia claims were feigned, and these percentages increased in cases where individuals were charged with criminal offenses.
Indeed, many courts seem preoccupied with practical fears, such as the consequences of finding amnesic defendants incompetent and the difficulty of detecting malingered amnesia.
In general, amnesics perform as well as controls on such indirect tests and several indirect tests have been advocated for detecting real amnesia from malingered amnesia.
As with tests of implicit memory (Horton et al., 1992), the use of negative priming tasks like the one used in the present study may be useful in distinguishing between actual and malingered amnesia.
The Recognition Memory Test, Digit Span, and Knox Cube Test as markers of malingered memory impairment.
"'The United Airlines situation has malingered and festered for months.'
It is challenging to identify malingered cognitive impairments.
This article highlights several red flags for malingered behavior; emphasizes typical (compared with atypical) symptoms of psychosis; and provides an overview of four instruments that you can use to help assess for malingering in the ED.
Which test is the gold standard for detecting malingered psychiatric illness?
On the diagnosis of malingered pain-related disability: lessons from cognitive malingering research.