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avoid responsibilities and duties, e

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Counselors should be aware that potential to malinger is not the act of malingering; many individuals encounter situations where there is opportunity for secondary gain (e.
Although this precept may be somewhat obvious in principle, in practice, it is sometimes difficult to follow because clients who malinger have the capacity to be extremely ingratiating, appealing, and well versed in persuasive arguments when it serves their purpose (Bienenfeld, 2002).
The challenges of treating patients who malinger include clinician uncertainty in making the diagnosis and high variability in occurrence across settings (Table 1).
115) Similarly promising results were found in forensic settings, with the instrument demonstrating both high sensitivity (identifying malingers correctly) and high specificity (classifying non-malingerers correctly).
Cast: Tony Danza, Maria Canals, Majandra Delfino, Ashley Malinger, Shaun Weiss, Dean Stockwell.
Comedy, with Meg Ryan, Ross Malinger and Tom Hanks (all above).
Cast: Kirstie Alley, Dale Midkiff, Ross Malinger, Daryl (Chill) Mitchell, Lynn Redgrave, Melanie Mayron, Kimberly Scott, Gregory Hinton, Patrick Kerr, Lindze Letherman, John P.
Children often have difficulty malingering symptoms because they have limited understanding of the illness they are trying to malinger
of North Texas) has edited this volume, which defines specific response types for patients who malinger and deceive and simulate adjustment to treatment, with contributors showing practitioners how to use such tools as the MMPI- 2 and other tests to identify these behaviors.
Some patients who malinger after sustaining a TBI will attempt to feign psychotic symptoms.