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one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel

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The clerics draw this conclusion from Pakistan's Penal Code (PPC) Clause 295-C, according to which the maligner of Prophet Muhammad's honour should be put to death.
From Borodulin's testimony it appears that discontent with Peter was widespread throughout Astrakhan, and that the chief maligner was the head of the rebel leadership Iakov Nosov.
Leitner, Der permanente Skandal--gefahrliche Pflege, sozialtoxische Kontexte, maligner Burnout, Verletzte Menschenwiirde und dehumanisierende Heimsituationen--in Tirol und uberall, Eine sozialwissenschaftliche und supervisorische Felderkundung, Junfermann, Paderborn, Germany, 2005.
2, Browning comments on Buckley's note condemning "this very poor play [Electra]," "and I can promise the student of this crib a very poor translation of a play far above the power of lying Schlegel or lick-spittle Buckley to understand, R.B." Browning confirmed his repudiation of "lying Schlegel" in a letter to John Daniel Williams of January 30, 1880: "I cordially hate the maligner of Euripides." (29)
Lange-Lindberg, A.M., Velasco-Garrido, M., Busse, R., 2006, Misteltherapie als begleitende Behandlung zur Reduktion der Toxizitat der Chemotherapie maligner Erkrankungen.