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Synonyms for malignant

Synonyms for malignant

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dangerous to health

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His eyes looked malignantly at me, and his gray whiskers bristled like those of an angry cat.
Once they saw a coyote slide into the brush, and once Billy wished for a gun when a large wildcat stared at them malignantly and declined to run until routed by a clod of earth that burst about its ears like shrapnel.
Sawyer, stopping in the course of a long draught of beer, and looking malignantly out of the porter pot.
'That we believe,' snorted the cultivator's wife malignantly.
'It was, it was, it was !' cried Elsa, thumping the pillow malignantly. 'I believe he did it on purpose, so that he could read me his horrid poetry without my having a chance to escape.
Sadly, we are living in an era where some leaders have a malignantly narcissistic penchant for twisting facts and truth in accord with their own ever-shifting sense of what serves their interests and hurts their perceived foes.
Low expression levels of ARID1A gene may contribute to the tumor's tendency to transform malignantly (6).
Perhaps the physician who is unable to avoid detection but does manage to avert support and monitoring may be more malignantly ill and at greater risk for suicide.
A recent Government Accountability Office requested by Senator Durbin and myself details the profound, lasting impact of the trauma inflicted on our children by the pervasive climate of violence in our society and reaffirms that the impact of this violence goes further and deeper and persists even more malignantly than has been generally acknowledged, said Davis.
And it is a problem that, left unchecked, will grow malignantly into a threat to the future of the republic.
The cause of this, my latest incapacitation, the breathlessness, the palpitations, the discomfort, pain and physical restriction when life is reduced to a corner of the sofa and dependency on others, lies malignantly in a plastic bag upon a metal trolley, not yet for discarding, but for analysis, searching for more clues in the crime of my disease," she said.
[70] which demonstrated that a low level of chronic oxidative stress results in the malignant transformation of human renal tubular epithelial cells, and the potential role is the aberrant expression of epigenetic regulatory genes involved in DNA methylation (DNMTs) as well as histone modifications (HDAC1, HAT1) in human renal tubular epithelial cells malignantly transformed by chronic oxidative stress.
Unsurprisingly, disturbance of stem cell function usually causes severe disorders, such as leukemia, malignantly solid tumors, and other degenerative diseases.
Unfortunately, these regimens have proven to be ineffective in the treatment of malignantly transformed germ cell tumors [10].
"The worst crime for which he can never be pardoned is that he dared malignantly hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK," it said, using the official abbreviation for North Korea.