malignant pustule

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a form of anthrax infection that begins as papule that becomes a vesicle and breaks with a discharge of toxins

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The lesion most commonly confused with cutaneous anthrax (Malignant pustule) is vaccinia, which no longer exists.
Malignant pustules, as common lesions, are not purulent and characteristically painless (1).
A smear from the malignant pustule on the left cheek demonstrated anthrax bacilli.
For example, a passing reference in a medical text by anthrax authority Carl von Heusinger (11), published in 1850, agrees on anthrax, a diagnosis subsequently accepted without comment in George Fleming's 1871-1882 history of epizootics (12) and in James Law's 1885 review of "malignant pustule" (13).
Cases of malignant pustule. Boston Medical and Surgical Journal 1868;1:19-21.
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