malicious mischief

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Mrs Smith added that malicious mischief applied to "Halloween pranks - not writing on walls".
Shearer, a parolee, was held in the Pasadena jail on suspicion of malicious mischief, a misdemeanor, Pederson said.
military personnel such as the molestation of a girl, a series of arson attacks, malicious mischief and slanderous e-mail about the Okinawa governor and other officials,'' the resolution said.
Looking at another lease, we find the following excerpt from a requirement imposed upon the landlord under a section entitled "casualty insurance": "landlord shall maintain a policy of fire insurance and extended coverage insurance, with sprinkler leakage, vandalism, malicious mischief, and flood endorsements.
Isordia Tovar was found guilty in Grant County Superior Court to malicious mischief in the second degree.
The top five loss types were: bodily injury, theft, collision, vandalism and malicious mischief and property damage.
He has convictions for assault, malicious mischief and driving without a licence.
They were arrested on suspicion of malicious mischief and bailed.
A lot of our burglaries are idle kids who wind up on unoccupied school facilities and engage in malicious mischief that results in an entry to the school, but not for economic gain,'' Mitchell said.
This leaves the substation function, data, and control at the mercy of malicious mischief and other common security threats.
Shields, 21, of Crookston, Glasgow, was jailed for 28 months after he admitted eight charges of malicious mischief.
Crescent Street, malicious mischief reported at West Boylston Middle/High School .
David Ritchie, 36, was charged with malicious mischief after he covered up the lines with black paint.
A British Transport Police spokesman said yesterday: "We can confirm a 25-year-old man is the subject of a report to the fiscal in Inverness in connection with allegations of malicious mischief and embezzlement.
Review insurance policies for strike coverage, possibly adding additional coverage against vandalism or malicious mischief.