malicious mischief

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She noted that the policy's personal property coverage listed "fire" and "vandalism and malicious mischief" as separate covered perils, which suggests that fire is not the same as vandalism or malicious mischief.
The juveniles were charged with 24 charges each, one trespassing charge and 23 charges of malicious mischief.
provokes belligerent world powers to malicious mischief on our doorsteps.
In fact,most nights since mid-September there has been more criminal activity involving fireworks on our estate than there was malicious mischief last night.
Insurance professionals often cringe when faced with property insurance requirements that contain wording along the lines of "fire insurance and extended coverage insurance, with sprinkler leakage, vandalism, malicious mischief and flood endorsements.
Prefectural police said that unlike last year, during which there were nearly no complaints, the number of graffiti-related complaints for the city of Nara alone as of late May reached 56, with some juveniles having been arrested on suspicion of malicious mischief.
1] The policy also excluded coverage for losses resulting from vandalism or malicious mischief "if the dwelling has been vacant for more than 30 consecutive days just before the loss," so vandalism was covered since the premises were occupied during the time in question.
The Chronicle says it has hired private investigators and filed a police complaint of theft, trespassing, and malicious mischief.
But critics argue that many of these fires are actually the result of malicious mischief and involve prolonged exposure to ignition sources.
For example, after reading about the malicious mischief incident, subjects were asked, "How likely would you be to go outside and confront the painter?
She gives succor to a penniless foreign noble, Wenceslas (Aden Young), and enlists him to do her malicious mischief.
Vandalism and malicious mischief directed toward personal or commercial property
Yellow "crime scene" tape sealed the front doors of Oregon's Capitol--but it's difficult to handcuff Mother Nature for malicious mischief resulting in substantial property damage.