malicious gossip

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disgraceful gossip about the private lives of other people

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The newsletter stated: "If you don't support what the group are doing that's fine, but please stop the malicious gossip that's circulating and targeted at some individuals within the group.
It also urged media outlets to seek accuracy and credibility when reporting and dismiss such rumors and malicious gossip.
The temple committee had accused a 'minority' of 'deliberately disrupting religious services, misrepresenting facts and spreading malicious gossip.'.
Henry VIII believed the malicious gossip about Anne Boleyn and court musician Mark Smeaton.
Take no part in malicious gossip and steer clear of a person who always brings out the worst in others.
He pointed out that with all the celebrity websites and tabloid headlines these days what is actually just malicious gossip is considered news.
It's good news that the law might finally catch up with the idiots that post any amount of malicious gossip on Twitter without the slightest inkling whether it is true or not.
Be a role model as a team leader by promoting good conversation and stopping motivated malicious gossip.
The findings related to "prosocial" gossip motivated by the urge to help others, and not malicious gossip, which is designed to damage another person's reputation or benefit the gossiper in some way.
A second clip portrayed relational aggression, where girls steal boyfriends, spread malicious gossip and kick someone out of their social circle.
Not malicious gossip, but the kind of gossip that came out of your being a writer, a sympathetic byproduct of actually looking at the world, and observing how you moved through it with other people.
In the absence of any communication from the top in the six months since Gordon Strachan went and the season was written off, the vacuum has been filled with lurid rumours and malicious gossip about imminent liquidation and anxiety over the chairman's long term commitment and plans for the summer.
More often, though, workplace politics take the more subtle forms of malicious gossip, rumors, or criticism through which the office politician controls the flow of information.
If Hughton can lead his troops, and I know IF is the biggest word in football, against Sunderland and get through the derby unscathed it surely must be a case of "crisis, what crisis?" It has not been lost on me the fact there has been talk of Hughton going - but hopefully that is nothing more but malicious gossip.
Squabbling neighbours also found themselves on the receiving end of malicious gossip.