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Synonyms for malfunction

break down


Synonyms for malfunction

to work improperly due to mechanical difficulties

Synonyms for malfunction

a failure to function normally

Related Words

fail to function or function improperly

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'We don't really know the main cause of the malfunction. In case we can't use it, we do resort to the Election Day Computerized Voters List (EDCVL),' she said.
The bride, 27, and groom, 30, look young and cute, but Meghan stole the show with her deliberate wardrobe malfunction," Joy Musa wrote.
Types of Malfunctions The level of difficulty rises exponentially when the malfunction requires magazine removal and all that jazz.
Door malfunction is among the top causes of unloading incidents at the MRT 3.
The post Missing Argentine submarine had reported electrical malfunction appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
When I was a new police officer 20 years ago, we were taught to clear a malfunction while keeping the arm extended, with the pistol oriented to the threat.
Major General Al Zafein said that he has inspected a number of cases where the cruise control has malfunctioned and was briefed on the technical reports made by insurance companies and major car agencies.
The application of the malfunction theory to this already plaintiff-oriented body of law has the potential to expose defendants in the stream of commerce even further.
Yesterday's elections proved to be frustrating for thousands of voters who were affected by the PCOS malfunctions.
"There was a malfunction in the reactor s control rod, but the reactor is now stable with no danger of a radiation leak," the spokesman said.
He noted that separate investigations are underway to determine the exact cause of the malfunctions.
Summary: She is about to perform at one of the biggest gigs of the year, but Madonna is promising no infamous Super Bowl wardrobe malfunctions.
And use a solid shooting stance, with no limp-wristing, as that can contribute to malfunctions.
KIRKUK / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi oil exports through the pipeline to Turkey have been stopped due to technical malfunctions on the Iraqi side.
The manufacturer claims the "2" in the instrument name stands for an expected two years between undetected grave malfunctions, and the "500" means it will process 500 patient specimens per day.