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Synonyms for malfunction

break down


Synonyms for malfunction

to work improperly due to mechanical difficulties

Synonyms for malfunction

a failure to function normally

Related Words

fail to function or function improperly

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1974) (no direct evidence of specific defect but circumstantial evidence of malfunction in use and five earlier incidents of malfunctions of the lock sufficient to support a jury finding that the locking mechanism malfunctioned in absence of other identifiable causes); Worsham v.
``Her parachutes malfunctioned and she fought to control her fall all the way to the final,instant oblivion.''
A component on a bottling line at Molson Breweries' Montreal brewery malfunctioned during June and July, causing some bottles to be filled with an alkaline cleaning solution.
There were the deployments of a record number of satellites--three dependent on auxiliary rocket motors of a sort that malfunctioned in the past, plus a fourth inaugurating an entirely new type of NASA spacecraft--as well the first space test in President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, or "Star Wars,' program, and more.
Meanwhile, PPCRV Executive Director Maribel Buenaobra said the number of VCMs that malfunctioned should not be a source of worry since this is only a small percentage compared to the total number of VCMs used.
Balloting in many parts of Pangasinan province got to a slow start after most VRVMs in polling places malfunctioned.
The third wheel malfunctioned Sunday while the craft was repositioning to complete an observation of the Occator Crater.
Unfortunately, in an armed confrontation you won't have the luxury of time, and no one will be there to help you clear a malfunctioned pistol.
"An F16 combat aircraft crashed earlier today into the sea after its engine malfunctioned," he told AFP on Sunday.
JAL had discovered that one of the two instruments for regulating air pressure inside the plane malfunctioned before departure but decided the plane could sustain a flight with the other instrument, the officials said.
There were also numerous vote registration verifying machines (VRVMs) and vote counting machines (VCMs) that malfunctioned.
'We understand that the perception is that there are a lot of VCMs that have malfunctioned. Right now I can tell you that the estimate is about 400 to 600 VCMs out of 85,000 have experienced issues,' Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez said in a press briefing.
The pacemaker of a woman in her 80s, who attends a Tokyo hospital, malfunctioned three times in an experiment last year, the sources said.
Voting in the cities of Pasig, Makati and San Juan were delayed after a number of vote counting machines (VCMs) malfunctioned just hours after the polling precincts opened Monday morning.
Sixteen persons suffered minor injuries when a service elevator at the PBCom Tower in Makati City malfunctioned late Thursday night, according to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC).