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Synonyms for malfunction

break down


Synonyms for malfunction

to work improperly due to mechanical difficulties

Synonyms for malfunction

a failure to function normally

Related Words

fail to function or function improperly

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It seems so simple until you start to actually clear a malfunction. Practice is required to gain confidence with these one-handed techniques.
And remember that if you're dealing with a malfunction in real life while facing a deadly threat, if "tap, rack, assess" doesn't address the problem, running to cover is an excellent second step when such a move is possible.
With Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an aboard, the train suffered another malfunction due to a problem with the line's catenary wires, causing a delay.
The military intentionally crashed the unmanned aircraft because of a malfunction in its engine.
The application of the malfunction theory to this already plaintiff-oriented body of law has the potential to expose defendants in the stream of commerce even further.
The other incident at the Yeonggwang plant saw an automatic reactor shutdown following the malfunction of a water supply pump, the spokesman said.
Summary: She is about to perform at one of the biggest gigs of the year, but Madonna is promising no infamous Super Bowl wardrobe malfunctions.
Recorded data included patient demographics, catheter implantation method, date of malfunction, cause of dysfunction, procedure performed and complications.
He noted that the company's staff is working on repairing the malfunction to resume pumping oil to Turkey by soonest.
After a bit more consideration, you realize that an expected malfunction rate of once every two years is not the same thing as a malfunction every two years starting after installation.
The city municipality denies that the malfunction is its responsibility and says the fault lies instead with the company charged with programming and maintaining the lights.Aa
THERE'S nothing worse than a wardrobe malfunction...
Two members of a three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for Washington DC ruled that the Clean Air Act does not allow the federal Environmental Protection Agency to exempt refiners, chemical plants and manufacturers from pollution limits when starting, shutting or during the malfunction of equipment.
Administrators refer to it as a "heating malfunction".
Patients should be advised to check their devices for function even after turning them off, and to contact their health care providers if they suspect a malfunction.