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one guilty of malfeasance

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Given the inherent ambiguity of distinguishing legitimate from illegitimate sickness, we argue that the latter more clearly reflects behavior that is malfeasant in nature, and therefore the type of behavior that could result in dismissal.
Such trust is not calculative or limited to an occasional transaction that entails a comparison of the benefits and costs of others' malfeasant behavior; instead, it is based on a belief in others' moral integrity (Leana & van Buren, 1999).
"The NAIC recognizes that streamlined non-resident producer licensing is an important goal, but I want to emphasize that efforts to do so must not undermine current state authorities to protect insurance consumers and take enforcement action against malfeasant producers," Lindeen said.
For instance, a second-tier officer's determination that a certain carcinogen is permissible in amounts up to six parts-per-million (ppm) in drinking water, as opposed to five ppm as the first-tier officer believes, is likely not a determination that constitutes inefficient, neglectful, or malfeasant action.
The odds of deterring a malfeasant country with fines, however semi-automatic they may appear, are slim.
There is nothing that prevents any discontent or malfeasant to gather his own small group of so-called liberators and stir up a racket in an otherwise prosperous region.
Manolopoulos, an emerging markets hedge fund manager, goes so far as to suggest that perhaps the debts of this era, in Greece and other nations around the EU, may in fact be odious debts, incurred by corrupt and malfeasant political elites, with no benefit to citizens, that should be dishonored rather than shouldered by marginalized citizens.
Further evidence of the distance between a bailee's liability for harm inflicted by his workforce and the general incidence of vicarious liability in tort lies in the question whether a claimant must show an independent tort by the malfeasant employee.
It is easy enough to lay the blame on malfeasant scientists and publicity hounds, but when ordinary scientists pursue news stories instead of properly specified models, things can go awry quickly.
Furthermore, I believe that the speaker's concern about the authenticity of his name has much to do with the malfeasant practice of effacing the presence of "blackness" in paradise through the superimposition of Spanish nomenclature, as does the search for his African roots.
practices serve as a means for ordinary people to fight malfeasant entities and their lobbyists seeking business-friendly tort reform.
And I hold the managements of the new restaurants, which are sprouting all over the city like malfeasant mushrooms, responsible for this.
As Mark Drumbl asserts, "If in the process of attributing guilt it pulls our gaze away from the many other actors involved in the tapestry of atrocity--including malfeasant, complicit, or distracted states and their officials, along with decisionmakers in international organizations--then it will do little to root out atrocity's multicausal origins ...