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wrongful conduct by a public official

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Under the Revised Penal Code, malfeasance is doing an act prohibited by law or doing an act ought not to be done, while misfeasance is the improper or irregular performance of an act and nonfeasance is the nonperformance, failure or refusal to do an act which one is required to do.
Gierran, is hereby directed and granted authority to conduct investigation and case build-up to determine possible misfeasance, malfeasance or non-feasance or other violations of law by members of the panel of the NPS over the dismissal of the case entitled: 'PNP-CIDG-MCIU vs.
Not surprisingly, the paper found that higher levels of both conservatism and Republican partisanship are associated with higher racial resentment and higher beliefs in the prevalence of electoral malfeasance.
Bulgaria's Defense Minister in 2008-2009 faced charges of malfeasance in office resulting in damages of BGN 19 M to the state budget.
Internal controls make it difficult for an employee to commit visa malfeasance without being detected, but, despite these safeguards, visa malfeasance does occur.
Only 10 of the 28 malfeasance cases detected resulted in successful prosecutions.
I am not referring to brokers or agents that a risk-management professional may inherit, but then the professional moves the business to a broker who possesses more expertise or better markets, or to brokers who are let go due to malfeasance, illegal operations or poor service.
In the event of an auditing malfeasance trial, a juror--unaware of this larger context--must arrive at a verdict based on what he or she learns about accounting standards in a relatively brief time.
May I remind you of the MFP inquiry in Toronto, where an investigation has revealed stunning revelations of malfeasance and stupidity, including the spectre of computer salesmen showing up in parking lots with brown paper bags of money disdained for a once-powerful councillor?
The complaint details malfeasance, including arbitrary and illegal personnel practices, cronyism, and employee "gag orders," and it calls for an independent investigation of Bloch's office.
The real threat is from growing budget deficits and corporate malfeasance.
Supporters say Amato is trying to lift academic achievement and restore order to the district, which has been plagued by low test scores and FBI investigations of financial malfeasance.
While it's obvious that not all boards have neglected their responsibilities," she said the general business press has included boards among today's culprits in the spate of corporate malfeasance.
For instance, in light of recent corporate improprieties, accounting irregularities, financial mismanagement, revenue overstatements, and executive malfeasance, B.
If the lawyer feels there was malfeasance, the client's unrecoverable loss probably qualifies for tax treatment under Sec.