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wrongful conduct by a public official

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If you believed that any officer has misconducted himself in respect of the alleged malfeasance under investigation, you may furnish the authority with any relevant evidence.'
"Ministry paysThe Interior Ministry has had to pay fines for tender malfeasance equalling almost Pound 25.7 million in the past three months alone, opposition OaNO party leader Igor Matovi said one day earlier.
The post Civil defence volunteers accuse officers of malfeasance appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
"Project Veritas is determined to expose malfeasance, corruption and wrongdoing," O'Keefe said in a statement.
The Macur Review's fifth recommendation advised consideration of a possible police investigation "to consider whether there is sufficient evidence and public interest relating to matters of malfeasance in public office and/or perverting the course of justice".
The paper also found that racial resentment and perceived electoral malfeasance are "strongly tied to political predispositions and candidate preference."
The office also assesses and adjusts internal policies, procedures and practices to reduce opportunities for consular malfeasance. As Deputy Director Stephen Ashby says, "CA/ FPP is a dynamic office staffed by a talented and diverse group of people.
Lechkov, who had been charged with malfeasance in office during his term in office as Mayor of Sliven and was acquitted by the Sliven District Court and the Burgas Appellate Court.
After a decade of high-profile financial scandals, consumers, employees, regulators and the media have all become extremely sensitive to corporate malfeasance. The combination of sweeping regulatory reforms and increasing public intolerance is putting new pressure on corporate leaders to ensure ethical behavior at every level in the organization.
The country's chamber of deputies voted to impeach Lugo over charges of malfeasance, and then gave him two hours to defend himself in a public trial.
The government did not say what content it opposed, but the five websites have published material critical of the authorities and have raised allegations of corruption and malfeasance against politicians.
Kelman does not distinguish the leaking of secrets, the malfeasance that may be exposed by a whistleblower and the treatment of the leakers.
"If they wanted to report malfeasance they shouldn't have waited for a Parliamentary hearing.
The "Yer Cut" section was written by Trixie con Leche, and includes some well made points aimed at erasing malfeasance. Best of all, flip it over and it's a parody/biography of everyone's favorite old skater/wrestler/spoken word artist/hockey player/benihana-er/street planter/clothing salesman/rock band frontman/beard wearer, Mike V.