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Celebes megapode that lays eggs in holes in sandy beaches

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The Maleo would certainly have produced money for the Longbridge coffers.
"Protecting this beach is just the first step in what will soon be a comprehensive conservation project for the benefit of the maleo," said Noviar Andayani, Country Director of WCS's Indonesia Program.
Currently MOPU is leased by a company which cooperates with Global Process Systems Inc from Dubai and leased again to Santos for use in the Maleo field off Madura, East Java.
Santos in early October 2006 began gas production from the offshore Maleo field in the Madura Offshore PSC in the Madura Strait, 140 km east of the city of Surabaya in East Java.
They include PT Pertamina with partners (6 JOB and 24 TAC), BP Indonesia (Tangguh), ConocoPhillips (Corridor Block) and ConocoPhillips Blok B (Natuna), Energy Mega Persada (East Java), Premier Oil and Medco (SS-CS), Kodeco (East Java), Amerada Hess (Ujung Pangkah), CNOOC, JOB-Amerada Jambi Merang, Santos (Maleo), Star Energy (Kakap), Energy Equity, Medco Lematang, Santos (Oyong), Medco Sumatra (Rimau) and Kalila Bentu+Kalila Korinci Baru,
Santos in 2003 began developing its 250-400 BCF Maleo gas field which it found in June 2002 in the Madura Strait.
BP Migas has sought to accelerate development of new gas fields including Ujung Pangkah Gresik, which is operated by Amerada Hess), Oyong and Maleo operated by Santos, Wunut by Lapindo Brantas, KE by Kodeco and BD Madura block by Exxon Mobil.
Santos is shortly to begin developing its 250-400 BCF Maleo gas field which it found in June 2002 in the Madura Strait.
The gas will be supplied from the Maleo gas field operated by the Australian company.
Santos of Australia in late 2002 said its Maleo field off East Java contained up to 400 BCF of gas.