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Synonyms for maleness

the properties characteristic of the male sex

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Other characters have significant reoccurring roles in the show and each of them provides a specific context and examination of African American maleness.
The strengths of DeFranza's work lie in revealing the problem of defining the image of God in terms of maleness and femaleness while also deconstructing theologies that do not address this problem.
Cornwall's aim in "Intersex & Ontology, A Response to The Church, Women Bishops, and Provision" clearly has less to do with Jesus and more to do with challenging the Church of England's rationale that women can't make good bishops because the role requires something intrinsic to maleness.
I find exaggerated maleness and femaleness boring, but I don't judge between one and the other.
s contention that "God chose a male to symbolize the second person of the Holy Trinity in the economy of salvation," coupled with his claim that "maleness is constitutive of Jesus' humanity" (179), comes dangerously close to implying that maleness is constitutive of salvation--an implication that feminist Christology and soteriology have summarily rejected.
by virtue of their maleness, regardless of sexual orientation.
Standing before your beloved wearing nothing but a smile is the only way to fully make up for all the maleness you have inflicted on her (or him) for the last seven days.
Drawing from her work with a range of community members-gay teens, men recently released from prison, transgendered men, and butch lesbians--the piece probes our assumptions about maleness.
Katz delves into even more complex conversations on the government, maleness, transgender identities and the experience of Jewishness in the rural and urban South with sparkling and gymnastic lyricism.
It's a jaundiced portrait of maleness in crisis--not only the maleness of the two central characters but also that of every other male character in the film.
These repressed instabilities, Smith reveals, lie at the very heart of the bedrock claims and assumptions in the most pervasive 'scripts' or ideologies of maleness at the time.
Second, maleness and femaleness constitute "essential" dimensions of the person that are not exchangeable.
His obsession with maleness is parodic, after all, not satiric.
With respect to HIV prevention messages and interventions, heterosexual messages may look very different from homosexual messages, or they may be more dependent on maleness or femaleness.