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Synonyms for maleness

the properties characteristic of the male sex

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Other characters have significant reoccurring roles in the show and each of them provides a specific context and examination of African American maleness. In addition, their roles help explain the evolution of the show and it characters.
The strengths of DeFranza's work lie in revealing the problem of defining the image of God in terms of maleness and femaleness while also deconstructing theologies that do not address this problem.
Giertych wants to talk about characteristics of "maleness," let's talk about the centuries of violence and suffering brought on by patriarchal systems that see force as the only response to problems.
"We can't know for certain that Jesus was male as we currently define maleness," she writes, "since we do not have a body to examine and analyze." Of course lack of evidence proves nothing.
These two fine African men will ensure that Akua s sons matriculate along a correct path towards African maleness.
Does "maleness" depend only on having male genitals?
Through blocking transformer expression in a variety of different tissues in females, the researchers could specifically alter the "femaleness" or "maleness" of the pheromones, which in turn altered the patterns of aggressive behaviour encoded in the fly's brain.
I love the fact of your maleness, yet the soul is androgynous.
Varricchio notes that figuring out a dinosaur's sex is tricky, and the absence of the medullary bone layer, while a good argument for maleness, is not conclusive.
In the Church's constitution, adopted in 1962, canonical fitness included a requirement for maleness. The requirement was removed in a process that began in 1989, when a canon redefined the term.
One may contend that sex is biologically determined maleness and femaleness; whereas, gender is influenced by cultural, social, and historical factors.
"I find exaggerated maleness and femaleness boring, but I don't judge between one and the other.
F.'s contention that "God chose a male to symbolize the second person of the Holy Trinity in the economy of salvation," coupled with his claim that "maleness is constitutive of Jesus' humanity" (179), comes dangerously close to implying that maleness is constitutive of salvation--an implication that feminist Christology and soteriology have summarily rejected.
Standing before your beloved wearing nothing but a smile is the only way to fully make up for all the maleness you have inflicted on her (or him) for the last seven days.
Drawing from her work with a range of community members-gay teens, men recently released from prison, transgendered men, and butch lesbians--the piece probes our assumptions about maleness. Some of the interviewees join forces with company members onstage.