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a colorless crystalline compound found in unripe fruit (such as apples or tomatoes or cherries) and used mainly to make polyester resins

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Likewise, a comparison of the pK of soil P-binding reactions with Ca, Fe, and Al ions versus the pK of chelation reactions of Ca, Fe, and Al ions with maleic acid and itaconic acid would indicate whether maleic-itaconic acid copolymer could prevent the P-precipitation reactions.
All of the formulations used in the demonstration contained Ashland Advantage 4910 polymer, and one or more polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) based copolymers, Aquaflex polymers or Gantrez methyl vinyl ether and maleic acid (PVM/MA) copolymers that bring additional styling and hold benefits, such as stiffness, shine, climate control, touchable hold, style longevity or improved curl memory--attributes that keep hair spray a go-to styling aid, representing $3 billion a year business.
For this present work Poly Maleic Acid (PMA) and Sodium Hypophosphate were used a laboratory grade.
Key words: batch cultures, fumaric acid, maleic acid, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, sheep rumen.
Long term consumption of high levels of maleic acid could harm the kidney," the agency said.
FDA Acting Director General Kenneth Hartigan-Go explained that maleic acid is not an approved additive for manufacturing food products.
In another potential new application, the scientists also showed that dry water is a promising means to speed up catalyzed reactions between hydrogen gas and maleic acid to produce succinic acid, a feedstock or raw material widely used to make drugs, food ingredients, and other consumer products.
6 Table 4 Pyruvic Sample Maleic acid Citric acid acid Malic acid mg/kg mg/kg mg/kg mg/kg optimal 2,615 6,280 651 1,776 Slow 2,571 6,361 357 1,935 Fast 2,494 6,085 577 1,695 Glycolic Sample Quinic acid acid Formic acid Acetic acid mg/kg mg/kg mg/kg mg/kg optimal 13,870 2,633 3,959 4,885 Slow 13,932 2,501 3,800 4,758 Fast 10,588 2,634 3,663 4,924 Table 5 Roasting Time Caffeine Trigonelline % in dry % in dry Sample Minutes substance substance Green coffee -- 1.
Maleic acid (cis-2-butene-l, 4-dioic acid, Lide, 2004) and its corresponding methyl ester, dimethyl maleate (DMME) in which the alkene double bond is in conjugation with a carboxyl group, undergo isomerization on treatment with catalytic amounts of aqueous bromine or [[Br.
Several formulations are reported in which Maleic acid co-polymers are used in combination with phophonate and styrene based copolymer to enhance inhibitor adsorbance efficiency for more efficient squeeze inhibition.
While the LUMO is principally on the maleic acid segment.
Hydrogels obtained from acrylamide, maleic acid, acrylic acid and octylmonoitaconate: synthesis, absorbent capacity and pH variations in copper sulfate solutions
The olefinically unsaturated monomer corresponds to one or more monomers selected from at least one olefinically unsaturated monomer selected from the group consisting of: a) mono- and di-esters of crotonic acid, cinnamic acid, fumaric acid, maleic acid, citraconic acid, and itaconic acid; b) carboxyfunctional monomers; c) N-vinyl caprolactam, vinyl phosphonates, N-vinyl formamides, N-vinyl acetamides, hydroxypropyl acrylates and methacrylates, monoacrylates and monomethacrylates of polyalkylene glycols, acrylates, methacrylates, acrylic acid and methacrylic acid amides containing amine groups; d) vinyl esters corresponding to general formula (I) CH2xCH--O--C(O)--R1, with R1=C11-21.