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Synonyms for maleficence

doing or causing evil


the quality or nature of being harmful or evil

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The decades of CIA incompetence and maleficence should not be forgiven.
Waiting for such an event to galvanize and clarify how Washington sees the world seems the height of maleficence.
The patron is perceived to be much like a feudal landlord, kind when pleased, vengeful and sinister when vexed, and the fiesta spells the difference between benevolence and maleficence.
Some of them are said to partake in a clandestine maleficence known simply as "Crossfit.
Part of the answer to this would be that PRP is presently marketed and widely perceived as a natural healing method with the implications of minimal maleficence.
Whether intended or not, and whether the therapist's action is direct or indirect, maleficence can occur.
I believe that the above risks are very real and that they could induce various forms of maleficence in various contexts.
The latter follow the logic of the novum with as much rigour as the former, they differ only in the maleficence that they attribute to the novum.
It then goes on to discuss each principle--respect for intellectual property, respect for privacy, fair representation, and non maleficence.