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Synonyms for maleficence

doing or causing evil


the quality or nature of being harmful or evil

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Mentions of medical maleficence maligned the locations and professions linked to abortion care.
Medical Tourism: Beneficence or maleficence? Sultan Qaboos Univ Med J 2011 Nov;11(4):444-447.
The concept of maleficence is very well embodied by a famous phrase, "first do no harm".
Any digital maleficence will be an arms race--the bad guys will implement new technology, the good guys will implement new technology, and this will go on."
Milliken (2018) focuses on four ethical principles: autonomy (self-determination); beneficence (the promotion of good); maleficence (to avoid or minimize harm); and justice (fairly or equally distributing both benefits and good).
If the ontic nature of the determination is not taken as primary, then benefit, maleficence, and even justice become significantly ambiguous and imprecise principles that can be used to justify an act that is detrimental to the integrity of the patient.
Principle of No Maleficence. One of the risks of ENTV is that support treatment can stop brain herniation from occurring.
2011 and 2012 were perhaps the most difficult period for us, and in particular for Riyas and I, who were publicly attacked and accused of maleficence. We worked against all odds to deliver on the promise of hosting India's first Biennale.
A jail term alone for a 'fugitive' or whatever does not satisfy the people who are affected by the maleficence of the rich and powerful.
Cheating scandals, altering test scores, or other maleficence have occurred in Ohio, Washington, D.C., and Texas.
The space that all thought in the backdrop of the ongoing operation is not there and were the MQM to clean itself off the attached maleficence, it can continue to hold sway over Karachi's politics.
Also, the buyer does not have absolute clarity of ownership-it is very likely that ownership disputes on these properties will emerge in the future as confusion or maleficence creeps into transactions.