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having or exerting a malignant influence

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I think that a particular characteristic for the Romanian mythical imaginary that survived through the folk literature is the fact that the representation of the feminine monstrousness--with a very few exceptions--Gheonoaia (The Death, The Plague), Stima apei they are ambivalent forces, not always malefic manifestations, or representatives of the negative potential.
This fear of malefic attacks and the constant interest for paranormal activities has become a constant in the public agenda.
It is an offering to Devas to ward off the malefic effects if any following the massive task and a job well done.
Students were challenged to use chemistry to test the blood, powder, liquid and the ink on the ransom note to determine whether the dog killer was Patti Peril, Chris Nefarious or Ida Malefic, each of whom had sent threatening emails to the dog's owner, Seymour Skinner.
Most Indian politicians wear rings with stones tailored to specific planetary conjunctions that are providential for them, or designed to ward off malefic influences from planets unfavorably situated on their birth charts.
The five malefic factors inside a car are: Unbuckled seat belts, unbuckled children, incorrect position of the head-rest, an improperly worn seat belt and loose objects in the car that could turn into potential missiles in an untoward incident.
In his Antidotes, a compendium of interviews dating from the mid '70s and published mainly in Le Figaro and LExpress, Ionesco enlarges upon the same idea, stating that "behind the noblest ideals and the most generous intentions asserted by someone, there is a corrosive, malefic will of getting the power, a real thirst for destruction" (Ionesco, 86).
That's the way to treat these buggers," said Hassan, beaming with malefic glee.
In parallel with the beneficial results coming from science and technology development, we witness a series of malefic phenomena using them for anti-social purposes.
Though a few leaders in the BJP are of the view that the next 35 days are astrologically not conducive due to a malefic Saturn- Mars conjunction, the party leadership is likely to make the much- awaited announcement by the coming weekend.
The dissemination of advanced skills among the available manpower of the country would not only help in paving livelihood opportunities but will induce the cognizance of work-orientation and national deference discouraging the prevalent malefic social behaviours.
If the 1612 executions can be adduced as a symbol of the more extreme aspects of English witch persecution, the government handling of the 1633-34 accusations demonstrates just how sceptical central authority, the upper reaches of the Church, and possibly educated opinion in general had become about malefic witchcraft by that date.
The malefic Ballas resembles the original name Balas, but no names, perhaps except Maria, signify anything.
But as all of them ceased speaking when the barber called out, it seems that the yard itself has hushed, that it is even more empty and immobile than before, a space that nothing human can cross, neither body nor voice, nothing living at all--to the point that a lizard threading his way under the gutter or scaling the papaya tree seems incongruous--from now on just like those malefic places at whose edges the passersby quiet down and hurry up, rigid despite themselves, frightened, cowering, their viscera trembling and their consciousness saturated by too many concomitant alerts.
Rochberg considers a justification for the traditional ordering of the planets based on assigned benefic or malefic properties rather than cosmological or astronomical precedents (chapter six).