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Synonyms for malediction

a denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury

Synonyms for malediction

the act of calling down a curse that invokes evil (and usually serves as an insult)

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6] SILA4=ya gipandanzi [much less than]On fait le rite sacrificiel zurki du dupgahi- de la malediction devant le fieuve, on fait le sacrifice avec un Poisson et un agneau pour les objets de la reineo Cette sequence rituelle est suivie d'une incantation reclamant la neutralisation du mal qui pourrait etre responsable de 1' impurete du cotrunanciitaire du rituel: la [much less than]mauvaise paroleo, la malediction, le parjure (pour redition du texte, voir R.
Such familial cursing and blessing offer a secular parallel to the ecclesiastical maledictions and benedictions in Doctor Faustus.
Both chapter 5, "Impure, Sickly Bodies," and chapter 6, "Signs of the Beast: Animal Metaphors as Maledictions of Resistance and Oppression," expose how Islamic and Jewish polemic deployed the Othering strategies of Christian polemic "as a way of signaling Christians' dangerous and undesirable nature" (196).
Apres le conflit, il affirmera meme que la responsabilite de la greve incombe a <<une ingerence politique malsaine, qui merite les maledictions du Ciel>> (p.
En passant, we are also treated to a wonderful array of unexpected bits of information and discussions from Pope Leo X's near dissolution of the Conventual Franciscans in 1517, humanist maledictions of the dead, and debates on female spirituality to Saint Antoninus's condemnation of sailors as homines pessimi, blasphematores, discussions of the morality of fleeing or remaining during plagues, and comments on Angelo Poliziano's interest in the Psalter, just to give a tiny sampling from an encyclopedic collection of data and analyses.
Indeed, the Howard Government maintained that position throughout its whole time in office, despite the consequent maledictions raining down on it from the Opposition, most of the media, so-called "international opinion" and a bevy of self-styled "climate scientists".
Incantations et maledictions enfantines sont ainsi distillees au gre de la generosite ou de l'avarice des adultes.
For example, Morton (29) states that the Beaver River "called forth the maledictions of travellers by its incessant winding from one side of a marshy valley to the other.
Apres la messe, la predicatrice fut entouree par une foule de femmes qui la felicitaient d'avoir deliver un sermon"qui arrive a temps" tandis que les homes murmuraient a voix basse et proferaient des maledictions contre la predicatrice qui avait brise leurs egos.
Chesterton appears to be just tumbling about, as it were, rollicking, roaring, sometimes spluttering haft-articulate maledictions, sometimes bellowing resonant guffaws, always trusting to inspiration, and, for the most party, trusting in vain.
It is the usual mixture of scholarly articles on maledictions and verbal put-downs in many languages, leavened by over-the-top sexual and scatological humor about such events as Princess Diana's death, President Clinton's dalliance with Monica Lewinsky, and the World Trade Center attack.
By turns he spouts lore about various sea creatures, succumbs to bad puns, hectors his huge partner, directs the mako sharks' attack on Old Fish's skiff-lashed carcass, and utters maledictions against the sinister El Campeon, all of whose actions and utterances he hears and comments on.
We can list some genres apt to evoke the sublime: odes, hymns, psalms, benedictions, maledictions, epitaphs, invocations, swearing, puzzles, etc.