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Synonyms for malediction

a denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury

Synonyms for malediction

the act of calling down a curse that invokes evil (and usually serves as an insult)

References in classic literature ?
If only my malediction is needed for that, I bestow it upon him!
I have not enumerated half the vexatious propensities of my pupils, or half the troubles resulting from my heavy responsibilities, for fear of trespassing too much upon the reader's patience; as, perhaps, I have already done; but my design in writing the few last pages was not to amuse, but to benefit those whom it might concern; he that has no interest in such matters will doubtless have skipped them over with a cursory glance, and, perhaps, a malediction against the prolixity of the writer; but if a parent has, therefrom, gathered any useful hint, or an unfortunate governess received thereby the slightest benefit, I am well rewarded for my pains.
This was done and the leeches, both present and absent, were ordered to leave the places that they had infested within three days on pain of incurring "the malediction of God." In the voluminous records of this
Together with the four beatitudes, Luke enumerates four 'woes' that are not to be understood as maledictions or curses but as warnings.
Unfortunately, Pakistan is among 7th most affected countries being affected by global warming and climate maledictions as highlighted by incumbent premier, Imran Khan while addressing students.
Moi, qui ai tue son mari et son pere, La prendre au cceur de sa haine la plus furieuse, Les maledictions a la bouche, les larmes aux yeux, Devant le sanglant temoignage de sa haine; Avoir Dieu, sa conscience et tous ces obstacles contre moi, N'avoir aucun ami a mes cotes pour soutenir ma cause, Hormis le diable et mes regards hypocrites, Et pourtant la gagner, - le monde entier contre rien!
In an essay on translation, titled "On Translating and Being Translated," Levi claims: "Linguistic friction tends to become racial and political resistance, another of our maledictions. It should follow that whoever practices the trade of translator or interpreter should be honored, insofar as he labors to limit the damage of Babel's curse; but this doesn't usually happen because translating is difficult work." Primo Levi himself was a translator and had a very troubling experience translating into Italian Jacob Presser's 1962 novella, De Nacht der Girondijnen, and Franz Kafka's The Trial.
How many more maledictions need to happen to us before we will be inclined
Elle se contentera de l'accabler de maledictions. Une telle posture, faite de pudeur a l'heure ou des milliers de jeunes filles, lyceennes etudiantes ou employees, empoignent leurs sacs pour aller rejoindre leurs lieux de travail, les campus, ferait presque sourire.
En revanche, le rite sacrificiel zurki intervient clairement en contexte de purification: le rituel de gamuha fait allusion a des maledictions et autres omauvaises paroleso et pane de orite sacrificiel zurki du dupfahi" de la malediction[much greater than].
La bonte de la mort est mise en evidence aussi par le caractere intentionnel des "souhaits" contenus par les maledictions. Certes, il existe une grande variete de maledictions qui evoquent la mort, la disparition de la personne objet de la haine--mais ici il s'agit de la mort prematuree.
Certes, vous pouvez vous defendre par l'evidence meme, en trouvant, avec d'autres, que je vous fais un mauvais proces en vous rendant responsable de l'oisivete, du chomage et de la decheance si propice a la delinquance, maledictions qui, reunies - tragique deveine!
Such familial cursing and blessing offer a secular parallel to the ecclesiastical maledictions and benedictions in Doctor Faustus.
Both chapter 5, "Impure, Sickly Bodies," and chapter 6, "Signs of the Beast: Animal Metaphors as Maledictions of Resistance and Oppression," expose how Islamic and Jewish polemic deployed the Othering strategies of Christian polemic "as a way of signaling Christians' dangerous and undesirable nature" (196).
Apres le conflit, il affirmera meme que la responsabilite de la greve incombe a <<une ingerence politique malsaine, qui merite les maledictions du Ciel>> (p.