male sibling

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a sibling who is male

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A 14-year-old male sibling commented about a 19-year-old male: "He can speak but can't really express himself like we can.
The participants reported on 53 male siblings and 66 female siblings (for unknown reasons, participants failed to report the sex of five siblings) whose ages ranged from 16 to 73 years (M = 33.
Specifically, it was hypothesized that the presence of a male sibling would lead to an increase in tomboyish behavior.
An older male sibling considered, "My friends are nice boys and enjoy her company.
We had been told by the doctors that if the chemo didn't work Jake would need a bone marrow transplant and that a male sibling would be the best match for him.
In the case of the "gay gene," a study by George Rice and colleagues (1999) failed to replicate Hamer's findings in a group of 52 gay male sibling pairs from Canadian families.
The youth cohort stated that it is culturally inappropriate for sisters to try to influence a male sibling who was taking drugs or a younger sibling to influence an older brother or sister.
68 Income Variable (Specification 2) Mean Expenditure (Permanent Income) Expenditure Deviation (Transitory Income) Child Characteristics =1 if Eldest Male Sibling -0.
as that which helps to overcome male sibling rivalry and to show how men, at least in the imaginative space of Arden, "can reconfigure their dread of women" (199).
Even though Kardashian is known for being the only male sibling of the Kardashian sisters and has been on the long running reality show for years, Chyna is actually earning more money than he is.
Furthermore, female siblings use relational maintenance behaviors at a higher rate than male siblings (Myers & Members of COM 200) and female-female sibling dyads generally use relational maintenance behaviors at a higher rate than male-male sibling dyads or cross-sex sibling dyads (Mikkelson, 2006b; Myers & Members of COM 200).
The male sibling had to put up with his mother's constant harping on the fact that he was privileged to be the sole guardian of his sisters
There was a history of stridor at birth in two elder male siblings who were evaluated using laryngoscopy.
While Josh, who has been absent from the Duggar family's show "Counting On" since its TLC premiere due to his molestation and cheating scandals, said he expects a lot more of his male siblings to marry.
The spouses of the male siblings are also working in the business, having married into the family.