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The pleiotropic in vitro bioactivity profiles suggested that complex arrays of molecular targets contributed to adverse outcomes of the developing male reproductive system in rodents.
Male reproductive system of (A) Neoponera inversa and (B) Neoponera villosa, showing the testes (t) united by peritoneal sheath.
Evaluating the changes that occur in semen parameters in elderly men may represent a significant step towards improving our understanding of the effects of these environmental factors on the male reproductive system.
The male reproductive system of Phrynops geoffroanus consists of a pair of testes, from which narrow efferent ductules emerge to form the epididymis, which uncoil in the caudal portion and continue on to the deferent duct, all of which are involved by the urogenital mesentery.
According to Nelly Oudshoorn, "practitioners with specific knowledge of the male reproductive system were distributed over a variety of medical specialties, particularly urology, endocrinology, gynecology, and andrology, rather than being concentrated in one specialty, as was the case for the female reproductive body.
One study in male rats, writes the NRDC, "reported that triclosan decreased sperm count, damaged the male reproductive system, and disrupted male hormone production.
The congress is an annual gathering of presentations, lectures, panel discussions and debates on urology, the treatment of diseases affecting the urinary tract and the male reproductive system.
Not only can they cause liver toxicity and possible heart and prostate disease, they can turn off the male reproductive system and cause short- and long-term infertility.
This section includes clear diagrams of the male reproductive system, and the stages of prostate cancer.
He said he had discovered a "time window" of eight to 12 weeks' gestation, when certain hormones in the foetus are activated and the male reproductive system comes into being.
The prostate gland, which is part of the male reproductive system, is usually the shape and size of a walnut but it increases slowly in size with age.
Morphology of the male reproductive system and the nature of secretions of the accessory glands and seminal vesicles of adult Atractomorpha lata Motschulsky (Orthoptera: Acrididae).