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an electrical device with two or three pins that is inserted in a socket to make an electrical connection

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Male plugs have prongs while female connectors have slots.
The only customization required is having the appropriate male plug.
I equipped the circulator pump (CP) and the electric solenoid valve (ESV) with 14/3 SJ cord and male plug ends.
Tenders are invited for five (5) promod ecco headsets that includes alternate acting or momentary earcup ptt switch and a noise canceling microphone on a flexible mic boom, ten (10) coiled extension cable, heavy duty 25~ (extended) length cable with strain-relief hook, fifty (50) male plug cable connector pn 2000002, twenty-five (25) male end tt connector pn 4000044 and five (5) headset earcup seal, pn 2000035.
Next, a male plug picks up the label by vacuum and places it into a preforming cavity, folding up the sides of the label against the plug.
Tenders are invited for Supply of expendable store articles like electrical goods, utensil, fabric items, sport items, U Bolt 9 (ISI), PVC Pipe plastic, 100 mm well bulb G I (ISI), 12 volt battery for charger light (Amco), 15 Amp male plug (J.
Traditionally, the master mold, also called the male plug, is built of wood.
This framework was planked over, draped in fiberglass, and finished to create the male plug from which the female mold is made.
Long Wire Harness With 37 Pins Plug One End With Male Plug And Other End With Female Socket Suitable For Rmpu Of Sgac Coaches Similar To Part No.