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Synonyms for member

Synonyms for member

one of the parts into which something is divided

Synonyms for member

anything that belongs to a set or class

an organization that is a member of another organization (especially a state that belongs to a group of nations)

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This comes after a male member of the County Assembly refused to sit through a session claiming that a nominated member of the assembly was provocatively dressed.
Know your Nikkahnama is a good step in this regard but it should also be taken into consideration that the male members of our society should not detain the rights of women in the name of honor and women should have freedom in such regards.
A widow woman Ms Gulshan Ara along with other family members including Ms Tasleem Khatoon, Mudasar Hussain, Taj Muhammad and Sheena, residents of Kiri Nawab Khan, recorded her protest and leveled allegation against Javeed Ahmed, Fawad, Khursheed and Shahbaz Pathan that all of are influential persons and have occupied her 3000 ft plot and lodged a fabricated case against her male members at Stuart Ganj Police Station and police have arrested her male members adding the original documents of the plot is available at her in spite of that she is suffering from hardships.
The Gym values its male members tremendously but we don't value them a THIRD more than our female members," the advertisement read, according to ( The Associated Press . 
The protesters alleged that security forces unlawfully raided their houses without any prior notice and arrested the male members of families without furnishing any arrest warrants.
SUD's male members Sud Ballecer, Jimbo Cuenco and Kohl Aguilar were named in the thread as among those who have supposedly made unwanted sexual advances toward women.
Police officials said the incident was caused after male members of a family began arguing with a polio team that had administered vaccination drops to eligible children.
Similarly, of the 71 male members not participating in budget debate, 37 belonged to PTI followed by JUI-F and PML-N (8 each), QWP-S (7), AJIP (4), JI (3), ANP (2), PPPP (1) and an Independent lawmaker.
I well recall the male members of the company I worked for at the time were given more "responsibility" like writing in a ledger the time and registration number of all the delivery vehicles.
.e 00 draw against Caykur Rizespor was enough to secure Fener their .rst title since 2011 and start the highpitched happiness, with the male members of the Fener fraternity takthe tak ing to the streets in downtown Istanbul instead.
In addition, the culprit allegedly created an e-mail ID that was used to chat with male members through Yahoo Messenger pretending as if the victim was chatting with them.
In most such cases, women rise to the occasion in shouldering responsibilities when the male members of the family fail to carry out their designated responsibilities.
There are more woman member than male members. This place is ready for the next level.
"The government decision to appoint only male members at the NPC undermines women's aspirations.
Detective Sergeant Shanie Erwin said: "The two men threatened two male members of rail staff and a male member of the public before stealing cash from the booking office and fleeing the station.