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the male of species Equus caballus

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A 5 years old thoroughbred male horse was examined with history of impaired vision and severe lacrimation from left eye.
Blood samples of 304 male horses were collected from 13 Chinese domestic breeds distributed in northwestern and southwestern China (Table 1).
A male horse when used for breeding is called a sire.
The offspring of a female horse and male donkey mate is called a mule, while the offspring of a male horse and female donkey is called a hinny.
hinny--A cross between a male horse, or stallion, and a female donkey (called a jennet or jenny).
IN the world of the horse breeder, a colt is a male horse under five years old but, for more than two decades, in the motor world, Colt has been Mitsubishi's representative in the small family hatch back stakes.
A spokesperson for the GNAAS said: "The Great North Air Ambulance was called to a male horse rider who had fallen when the horse stumbled after a jump and landed on him.
Steve Fisher, 50, was attempting to pull his twin six-year-old daughters' horse from fast-rising water at his small-holding near Billingham Beck when the young male horse bucked before coming down on his forehead.
He told the court he has known McLaughlin all of his life and watched in disgust as the accused fed a male horse with something from his pocket before putting his hand on the animal's privates and pulled his hand back and forth.
A male horse used for breeding is called the sire; what is the female equivalent?
It's very rare that a hybrid is produced from a female ass and a male horse - but if it is, this animal is known as a ninny.
Heatseeker, believed to be the second-best older male horse in training behind 2007 Horse of the Year Curlin, has won two of five starts this year, including the Santa Anita Handicap on March 1 and TheCalifornian at Hollywood Park on May 31 by 51/4 lengths.
This distinguishes it from a hinney, which is the product of a male horse and a female donkey.
A 6 year old male horse was presented with history of loose feaces, for more than 12 hours with no feed and water intake.