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She added that male circumcision also plays a role in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections as it promotes personal hygiene for the male genital organ.
cerisyi were dissected in the laboratory for preparation of male genital organ and fore and hind wings were also prepared.
[1] World Health Organization, World Health Organization Classification of Tumors: Pathology and Genetics of Tumors of the Urinary System and Male Genital Organs, IARC, Lyon, France, 2004.
Preliminary investigations revealed that the two defendants "have female physical and male genital organs".
(3,4) Only one case has been reported of metastatic malignant melanoma to the male genital organs, in a patient with an unknown primary melanoma presenting with hemospermia.
The results here presented demonstrate that the maturation of the internal male genital organs of L.
According to the report, genital malformations in boys (collectively known as testicular dysgenesis syndrome or TDS) have their origin during development in the womb, where testosterone is needed to form the male genital organs. Many chemical substances found in the environment and in everyday consumer goods have the potential to block the action of testosterone and exposure to this mixture of chemicals may undermine the development process and cause damage to male reproductive health.
The major functions of the male genital organs include the production, maturation, packaging, and transportation of spermatozoa.
ProCNP and CNP are expressed primarily in male genital organs. Regul Pept 2007 Sept 21; Epub ahead of print.
He thinks the company actively purchases the male genital organs of spotted seals, which encourages poaching and killing of seals near the Changxing Island and Lushun coastal fishing villages.
This study deals with the morphology and configuration of the male genital organs. Forty-four species belonging to 16 different genera have been investigated, including species of 4 genera of Miratemninae.
Because the development of the male genital organs is under hormonal control, the main hypotheses as to the etiology of hypospadias are centered on either disturbance of endogenous hormonal production or exposure to exogenous hormones (Dolk 1998).
Preliminary investigations suggested that the two defendants "have a female physique and male genital organs".
Secondary neoplasms of the urinary system and male genital organs. BJU Int 2009;104:770-6