male bonding

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the formation of a close personal relationship between men

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The big problem is that we're expected to buy into scenes of male bonding involving males we don't terribly care about.
On the whole Fukrey is one of those movies from Bollywood where boy meets girl formula takes a back seat as male bonding takes precedence.
On being asked why they another film on male bonding, producer Farhan Akhtar told IANS, "I have been asked this question too many times and I always wanted to ask a question to people who put this question forward.
Kai Po Che director Abhishek Kapoor, who specialises in male bonding themes, considers the genre as one of the most "energetic" ones in Hindi cinema.
And the male bonding was not just restricted to the trio who were full of praise for their absentee director.
At first the researchers thought the dolphins lived somewhat like chimpanzees, since male bonding is strong, but in chimps, males can also lead to patrolling and defending community territory.
They held out a vision of male bonding and strength, set against the widespread revulsion toward national glory and personal sacrifice.
Amusingly, his guide to the unspoken rules of male bonding is a confident, assured gay man with a passion for sports, fishing and video games.
Summary: The stars of male bonding comedy I Love You, Man have revealed they are close friends in real life.
The topics include It's not a puppy, Sacred male bonding rituals, You may never have a chance to do anything this stupid again, and The Plural of Lexus.
Material and visual cultures beyond male bonding, 1870-1914: bodies, boundaries and intimacy.
No fighting, just hard work, discipline, plus a bit of male bonding along the way.
In its sensitive portrayal of the complex relationship between a young athlete and the trainer who "discovers" him--an older gay man whose own budding boxing career had been cut short by homophobia--the film explores the explosive possibilities of male bonding between straight and gay sexualities.
Require youths to train in this discipline and they will gain physical coordination, male bonding and maybe even applause.
Last week, while waiting for my double decaf latte, I scanned the flyers on the counter advertising yoga sessions, male bonding groups, and alternative rock bands.