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He argues that the sobering or simplification of male dress - "the great masculine renunciation" - began as male aristocrats' assertion of public authority through virtues of "industry and frugality." "Noble simplicity" of dress, or the three-piece suit (originating in the 1670s), was the visual manifestation of these virtues and of political legitimacy.
This affected the alliances between the king and a number of male aristocrats because of the abandonment of the 'daughter gifting' tradition.
This is true of a gallery devoted to fanciful"divine heads," including one of a doleful Cleopatra, that the middle-aged artist made as gifts for young male aristocrats " Gherardo Perini, Andrea Quaratesi, Tommaso de' Cavalieri.
The image of the elite 18th-century cultural practice known as the Grand Tour is still defined by the polished portraits of young British male aristocrats, painted in Rome by Pompeo Batoni (1708-87; Fig.
States coopted male aristocrats into service and channeled their aggression into war.
Archaeologists excavating a monastery near the city of Sozopol, Bulgaria, <a href="" target="_blank">discovered the 700-year-old remains of two males who had been stabbed through the heart with iron rodsaan indication that their 14th century contemporaries believed them to be vampires.A More than 100 such avampirea graves have been discovered in Bulgaria recently, all of them containing male aristocrats or clerics whose bodies had been repeatedly stabbed or nailed into their coffins after death.
In the 15th century an astonishing 26pc of male aristocrats in Europe died from violence.
Only the "anti-democratic" Senate, with its arcane filibuster rules--that small, unrepresentative "preserve of white male aristocrats"--currently stands between the Bush Administration and its fellow Republican majority in the "democratic" House, not to mention many extremely unwise decisions on issues ranging from the corporate-giveaway energy bill to the end of a woman's personal choice.
It will be like a mini-Royal Ascot, except that only a handful of male aristocrats will be walking around like penguins - although their partners will be just as chic as any next week in Berkshire.
Or, one could situate Stahl's argument for male aristocrats as father-substitutes within the late nineteenth-century construction of aristocracy as an exotic ideal of genealogy.