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an infective disease caused by sporozoan parasites that are transmitted through the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito

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Details of achievements is listed below: Successful implementation of the new funding model grant fund worth US$ 52 million; Secured worth US$ 39.2 million to implement malaria control intervention in 66 districts of Pakistan under New Funding; Request of Global Fund; Establishment of greater than 4000 malarial
Pattern of malarial infection diagnosed at Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad.
Malaria is a deadly disease caused by malarial parasites and is vector-transmitted (transmitted by an infected mosquito).
These compounds interact with a novel target in the malarial parasite (Phenylalanine t-RNA synthetase) which results in inhibition of protein synthesis.
Its objectives are to reduce malarial morbidity and mortality by 50% by 2012 (Baseline year is taken as 2006).
The ICT malaria P.f./Pan Test results showed that 30 (42.85%) of the patient samples were positive for malaria parasites and rest 40 (57.14%) were negative for malarial parasite.
Malarial parasite Vivax was seen on blood peripheral film in all patients.
Many factors including age of the child, rate of malarial transmission and geographical territory determines the features of severe malaria in children5,6.
Today, Artemisinin is combined with other drugs to provide one of the most effective malarial treatments across the globe.
Owing to the fact that it is very difficult sometimes to differentiate clinically the presentation of typhoid fever from that of malaria without laboratory support, many clinicians usually request that both tests were performed on individuals presenting with fever of typho malarial signs and symptoms.
However, scientists now may have discovered a way by which to weaken and trick malarial parasites, thereby effectively developing a solution to the problem.
"This campaign will benefit the fight against both malaria and Ebola." Malarial season With the malarial season peaking in Sierra Leone, the drugs will be distributed by more than 9,300 healthcare workers and a second round of distribution will take place in January.
According to a recent research by National Institute of Malaria Research, published in the latest issue of Malaria Journal, natural products isolated from plants used in traditional medicine with potent anti- plasmodial action ( anti malarial) represent potential sources of new anti- malarial drugs.