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the unintentional misuse of a word by confusion with one that sounds similar


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But Denny Crane's self-assured malaprop gets the information across enough that he might actually have a point.
Malaprop was saying when she spoke of allegories on the bank of the Nile.
The word is derived from the character of Mrs Malaprop, the `old weather-beaten she-dragon' in The Rivals, which opened last night.
Certainly both women misuse words, but Mrs Malaprop is merely substituting one Latinate term, 'illiterate', for another,' obliterate'.
Certainly an essential read in an era when the reach of a presidential malaprop (or more rarely now, sterling phrase) cannot be misunderestimated.
Malaprop referred, for example, to "allegories" instead of alligators.
Para tomar un ejemplo del propio Davidson, consideremos que la senora Malaprop cree que "una linda confusion de epitafios" significa un buen ordenamiento de epitetos.
That phrase, which could have been spoken by famous baseball icon and malaprop dropper Yogi Berra, applies to a recent survey of college and university leaders with regard to pressing issues in higher education.
Malaprop when, by saying "a nice derangement of epitaphs", she both intends to mean "a nice arrangement of epithets" and to talk according to standard linguistic rules.
If the "3Ms," or staples of novels of manners, are money, manners, and matrimony (or, in the words of a Tobias Smollett malaprop, "Holy Matter-money"), in Ethan Canin's latest they are memory, mitzvah, and miracle.
Yogi Berra, the former New York Yankee and master of the malaprop, has been quoted many times through the years as saying some pretty amusing things.
Judge Jane Stickels gave Epsom punters a fright when she called the wrong result after the Southampton Handicap, giving the race to the fast- finishing Mrs Malaprop.
Batchworth Belle and Mrs Malaprop fought out the finish of the sprint on Channel 4.