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Examination of the principal chart points to the probability that the Malapert Alpha massif and its associated ranges and the Cabaeus ramparts are all in their turn responsible for excluding sunlight from the regions in question by reason of their selenographical position and very considerable elevation above the mean surface.
Therefore, it is inadvisable to attempt a psychological investigation of the children and brand them as malapert and precocious.
With a great glow and a noise like fire the flame-robed woman and the malapert dwarves had all come into the house.
Gherardi RK, Chariot P, Vanderstigel M, Malapert D, Verroust J, Astier A et al.
He was about to argue with the malapert when he felt the wet trouser leg stick to his calf.
Servants that will speak Nothing, when modest answers are Expected from them, and Servants that will speak too much with a malapert Answering Again .
29' 21" Librations Rontgen (crater) October 3 Jansky (crater) October 14 Malapert (crater) October 20 Rook Mountains October 27
29' 35" Librations Vallis Inghirami September 10 Gauss (crater) September 22 Malapert (crater) September 29